Houston's Adult Literacy Blueprint

Understand the Problem and Learn More About Our Plan for Action and Change

1 in every 3 adults in Harris County has low functional literacy, meaning they do not have the skills they need to function for their roles on the job, in their family, or in society.

The Houston Mayor’s Office for Adult Literacy and the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation united to engage over 100 cross-sector community leaders in the development of Houston’s Adult Literacy Blueprint.  The Adult Literacy Blueprint is a call for action and comprehensive plan for coordinated city-wide change to address the systemic crisis of low adult literacy rates.

Please visit www.HoustonAdultLiteracy.org for more information about the Blueprint.

Bush Foundation for Literacy Gallup Poll

What Does Low Literacy Cost Houston?
Learn about the costs of low adult literacy and the potential impact on Houston’s economy of investing in adult education and literacy programs (click graphic above to see the .pdf).

Houston's Adult Literacy Blueprint is live!

The Blueprint contains:

  • A full report on the impact of low adult literacy rates on Houston
  • Seven key goals and supporting strategies
  • A practical action plan to achieve each of those goals
  • Key metrics to measure & inform future decisions

It’s time we focus on the systemic crisis of low adult literacy rates in our city.

The Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation and the Mayor’s Office for Adult Literacy, as part of a joint venture, have developed Houston’s Adult Literacy Blueprint to elevate the issue of low functional literacy among adults in the city and provide a coordinated and practical plan for action.

Houston’s Adult Literacy Blueprint presents goals, strategies, and actions aimed at providing equitable access to high-quality adult education and ensuring the social and economic vitality of Houston.

For more information, please visit www.HoustonAdultLiteracy.org

Everyone in Houston is affected by low literacy in our city, and everyone has a role to play in the solution.