Mayor's Office for Adult Literacy

Functional Literacy Resources

Reading, writing, computing, critical thinking, and oral communication skills at levels of proficiency to function on the job, in the family, and across society.

Skills Commons Graphic Skills Commons


El Civics Graphic EL Civics (English Language and Civics)


Hello English App Graphic Mobile App ... Download the Hello English app on your phone.

When you open the app, you will take a short English test. You can practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking in English.


Duo Lingo App Graphic Mobile App ... Download the Duolingo app on your phone, or practice from the website

You can practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking in English.


GCF Global Graphic Go to the website

From this website, you can practice many skills in English. Practice Basic Computer Skills, English for everyday activities, English for work, and much more.


Randalls ESL Graphic Go to the website

Put your mouse over the words Listening Activities at the top of the screen. A long list of choices will appear. You can practice listening to easy, intermediate, or difficult conversations and take quizzes to check your understanding.


Many Things Dot Org Graphic Go to the website

This website has many easy activities for beginners. Or, you can choose more difficult listening and vocabulary activities.


Upskill Houston GraphicCrowdED Learning



Literacy Domains Resources

Digital, Health, Financial, and Environmental literacy provide the application of functional literacy needed for daily living and economic opportunities.

Upskill Houston GraphicCrowdED Learning


Upskill Houston GraphicUpskill Houston


EdTech Center World Education Graphic EdTech Center World Education


Red and Bla GraphicEducating Others



AEL Training

Adult Educator and TCALL Trainer Theresa Sands presents “Bridging From ESL to Adult Basic Education: Building Academic Vocabulary.” Hosted by MOAL, the Objectives are:

  • Identify different types of language/vocabulary students need to understand emphasizing Tier 2 words.
  • Examine ways to promote language/vocabulary development through integrating activities that support ESL students in ABE.
  • Engage in an explicit vocabulary routine.



Coalition on Adult Basic EducationCoalition on Adult Basic Education
Action Items for State Leaders



Texas State Library and Archives CommissionTexas State Library and Archives Commission


Google Classroom GraphicGoogle Classroom


Khan Academy GraphicKhan Academy - Teachers: How To Use Khan Academy


Cisco Webex GraphicTeaching with WebEx


TED ED GraphicTed ED In Your Classroom


Resources for Adult Learners

Houston Public Library Graphic Houston Public Library - Learning Express Library (the reason to get a library card)


Typing Dot Com Graphic Go to the website

Click on the yellow button For Students >>

If you create a free account, your information will be saved. If you do not have an account, you can still practice, but your work will not be saved.


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