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January 24, 2023

Trusted Health Ambassador Program

Dear Future Trusted Health Ambassador,

As we continue fighting COVID-19, getting vaccinated is our best shot at ending the pandemic and getting back to normal. We need your help to educate our communities about COVID-19 and the importance of getting vaccinated through our Trusted Health Ambassador Program.

The Trusted Health Ambassador program will equip you, as a trusted member and influencer of your community, with the facts about the disease so you can educate, empower and encourage others in your community to get vaccinate and stay healthy.  The program prepares you to have meaningful conversations with others so you can share important fact-based information about the disease.

It’s people in our communities like you who can drive passion and action and be the defining voice in the fight against this pandemic. The Houston Health Department is looking for trusted individuals to share the latest, accurate information with their communities and networks so we can finally get back to normal.
Join the Trusted Health Ambassador Program to help us get all communities vaccinated.

Fill out our interest form online or call our Trusted Health Ambassador Help Line at 832-393-4220 to be considered for the program. A representative from the team will respond with more details.