District G

Kirkwood Paving and Drainage Projects

These three projects will provide for the design and reconstruction of Kirkwood Road with curbs, sidewalks, driveways, street lighting, traffic control and necessary underground utilities along with in-line detention.

Kirkwood Paving and Drainage Project from Buffalo Bayou to Briar Forest (CIP # N-100029)

Traffic Switch 9/24/21: Update on the change to traffic at the Briar Forest and Kirkwood Intersection.

What: Will switch traffic on Briar Forest from Westbound to eastbound
Why: East - West traffic is now on westbound lanes, but will need to switch to east bound lanes to pour remaining of intersection in order to complete the major switch to Kirkwood north bound lanes at end of month.
Duration: This configuration is expected to be in place for approximately 2-3 weeks.

We will have a police officer on site while performing work in the intersection.

Kirkwood Paving and Drainage Project from Briar Forest to Westheimer (CIP # N-100029)

The second project will reconstruct Kirkwood Road from Briar Forest Drive to Westheimer Road. Construction is anticipated to begin in Fiscal Year 2022. This project is currently in Phase I of the design phase and the anticipated construction duration will be developed as part of Phase II.