Finance Department

Financial Reporting and Operations

Arif Rasheed, Deputy Director

Arif has over 20 years of accounting, external/internal audit, and grants management experience, 18 of which are in governmental accounting. He most recently was Assistant Director of Accounting and Financial Reporting in Wayne County, Michigan. He also was an adjunct professor at Davenport University, Michigan where he taught a variety of accounting and audit courses.

 Primary responsibility of the division is city wide monitoring and oversight of accounting, fixed assets, grant regulations, internal controls, and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) process. The division is also responsible in ensuring process documentation exist and assessing the need for and update policies and procedures. The division is responsible for coordinating annual audit including the single audit report (SAR), preparing indirect cost allocation plan and fee cost of services.

Division Goals

  • Work in partnership with the Controller's Office to coordinate the City's Annual Financial Audit with a target completion of November 30th.
  • Develop annual indirect cost allocation plans for recovering all allowable federal grant administrative costs for the General Fund. The date to complete the plans is June 30 annually.
  • Establish Accounting Procedures and Standards for Trust and Local Government Corporations (LGCs) to ensure compliance with A.P. 2-10.
  • Determine full fee cost of services citywide in an effort to maximize cost recovery.
  • Phase I - Ensure all financial management processes have documented controls, up-to-date written procedures, instruction manuals and associated trainings.

Robert Martinez, Deputy Assistant Director

Capital Fixed Assets
General Accounting / Disaster Recovery
Internal Controls

Bobby Qasim, Division Manager

Clint Joines, Division Manager


Fixed Assets
General Accounting / Disaster Recovery
Internal Controls / Audit

Kiran Chandu, Deputy Assistant Director

Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Property Assessments and Liens

Gloria Moreno, Assistant Director

Gloria has over 20 years serving in a variety of public service positions at the federal, state, non-profit and local government sectors crafting her comprehensive experience in the grants arena. Her passion is in serving at the local government level rejoining the City of Houston in 2012, Harris County (Agenda Director and Director of Purchasing and Support Services), City of Houston (Council Liaison and Senior Contract Administrator) and City of New York (Equal Opportunity Officer).

Cost Allocation
Grants Management
Trust and Funds Management