Houston Television

About Us

Our Mission Statement: “To Effectively Communicate To The Public Relevant Information Concerning Municipal And Related Governmental And Community Services.”

Houston Television (HTV), began operations in 1986 as the Municipal Channel (MUN), and is the Cable Communications division of the Mayor’s Office. It was initially charged with the task of covering Houston City Council meetings via closed circuit television. In 2007, the Municipal Channel re-branded its operation as Houston Television (HTV). HTV is one of four Public, Education and Government (PEG) access channels in the Houston area, and is carried locally by cable providers. The City currently has four Public, Educational, and Governmental (PEG) access channels. 

 Public Access Channel

HMS-TV, operated by Houston Media Source

Education Channels

HCC-TV, operated by Houston Community College

HISD-TV, operated by Houston Independent School District

Government Channel

HTV- operated by Houston Television

HTV provides LIVE coverage of Houston City Council meetings, Council Committee meetings, Budget and Fiscal Affairs, Planning Department and several other meetings which keeps citizens informed about their City government. HTV works with elected officials and City departments in promoting local events in their districts and provides information about municipal services and other initiatives through its production and programming assets. HTV is also a multi-faceted production facility and is available for rentals to citizens who are looking to produce programs, music videos or commercials.


Ted Irving
Director of Houston Television

Ted has direct responsibility for Houston Television (HTV) and has over 30 years of experience in television broadcasting with skills in operations, engineering and field productions.

Al Byers
Cable Access Operations Supervisor

Al is responsible for maintaining the engineering and operational functions throughout the HTV facility and on remote locations. He has oversight of service contracts and contractors relating to services of HTV projects.

Mariana Oyanguren
Cable Access Program Supervisor, News Director

Mariana has vast experience in the media industry, and has held several key positions in local media organizations, having written, produced and anchored Spanish language newscasts.

Terri Carter
Cable Access Program Supervisor, Administration, Marketing, Promotions

Prior to her position with the City of Houston, Terri was an Executive Producer in the Community Affairs department at ABC-TV, Channel 13. Terri oversees the administrative, community relations, marketing and promotional model for Houston Television.

Daryl Hughes
Cable Access Program Supervisor-Productions

Daryl is an award-winning producer and editor for Houston Television. He is also a technical director and photojournalist. He oversees the production needs of HTV services.


Leo Betancourt
Senior Communications Technician-News Division

Leo is an award-winning photojournalist, who writes, shoots and edits inspirational, informational and enriching stories. He is responsible for shooting and editing news packages for HTV.

Rich Fanning
Senior Communications Technician, Operations

Rich has worked as a freelance video producer for 15 years, producing award-winning commercials and documentaries. He has worked at Houston Television as a videographer and editor; his duties now encompass coordinating set design for HTV programs and purchasing equipment for HTV.

Barbara Felder
Administrative Assistant

Barbara brings over 25 years of administrative experience to Houston Television. In her capacity at HTV, she is responsible for financial and staff personnel. She also acts as a liaison to the Mayor’s Office, members of City Council and city departments regarding production requests.

Gabriela Finney
Administrative Associate, Production

Gabby has served as an HTV intern for two years and a temporary employee for one year. She is now a full-time employee tasked with assisting the Production department with her talents of videography and editing.

Bryan Hill
Production Specialist

Bryan Hill has demonstrated the necessary computer skill and knowledge of the playback equipment, he has been utilizing his skills within the production department with shoots, editing and studio productions.

Keith Jackson
Senior Communications Technician-Producer, Internal Clients

Keith has performed all aspects of television production, including multi-camera production; both studio and remote live programs. His role at HTV is to shoot, produce, write edit and direct content.

Travis Leamons
Senior Communications Technician-Program Director

In his role at Houston Television he does everything from scheduling programs for broadcast on our channel to appearing in several locally produced HTV public service and promotional announcements.

Trinelle McHughes
Senior Communications Specialist-Marketing

Trinelle is experienced in marketing in the media fields of print, radio, and television. Trinelle has utilized tools such as social media and social networks to build relationships and is responsible for helping to secure sponsors for HTV programs.

Jana Ortega
Senior Communications Specialist-Producer, External Clients

Jana has a diverse professional background in logistics, creative writing and performing arts. After working in front of the camera for eight years, she moved into the role of marketing producer for Houston Television.

Cheri Pressley
Senior Communications Specialist-News Division

Cheri has won many awards for her artistic and visual work as a photojournalist. She is responsible for shooting, writing and editing news packages for HTV.

Christopher Sisney
Senior Communications Technician-Graphics

Christopher is an award-winning motion graphic designer, video director, shooter, editor, 3D animator, and writer. In his role at HTV, he creates graphics for locally produced programs, shoots and directs public service announcements and promos.

Bryant Qurioga
Master Control Operator

Bryant is responsible for the playback equipment in Master Control and overseeing all the meetings for the City of Houston as it is pushed out to the public. He is knowledgeable of computer software such as Final Cut Pro, Express, Chyron Lyric 4.0 and many Adobe products.