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Our Mission

"To effectively communicate to the public relevant information concerning municipal and related governmental and community services."

Houston Television (HTV), began operations in 1986 as The Municipal Channel (MUN), and is the cable communications division of the Mayor’s Office. It was initially charged with the task of covering Houston City Council meetings via closed circuit television. In 2007, The Municipal Channel re-branded its operation as Houston Television (HTV). HTV is one of four Public, Education and Government (PEG) access channels in the Houston area, and is carried locally by cable providers.

  • Public Access Channel
  • HMS-TV, Operated by Houston Media Source

  • Educational Channels
  • HCC-TV, Operated by Houston Community College
    HISD-TV, Operated by the Houston Independent School District

  • Government Channel
  • HTV, Operated by Houston Television

    HTV provides LIVE coverage of Houston City Council meetings, Council Committee meetings (including Budget and Fiscal Affairs), Planning Department and several other meetings which keep citizens informed about matters pertaining to city government. HTV works with elected officials and city departments in promoting local events in their district and provides information about municipal services and other initiatives through its production and programming assets. HTV is also a multi-faceted production facility and is available for rentals to citzens who are looking to produce content (music videos, commercials, et al.).

    HTV Management

    Ted Irving
    Director of Houston Television

    Ted’s background with a Master’s degree in Mass Communications from Texas Southern University, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree—Radio, TV, and film, from the Sam Houston State University’s Dan Rather School of Communications, coupled with his learned and acquired knowledge and skills traversing more than a decade’s experience, have enabled him to build a successful brand and career. Ted’s media journey includes video editing with ABC and NBC, sports photography with KRIV (FOX 26 Houston), and in the academic field as a digital media instructor with Houston Community College (Stafford), University of St. Thomas, the Art Institute of Houston, Jack Yates School of Communications, and the Hightower High School Digital Media Academy.

    Serving across all these fields and in different capacities, he learned the skills in leadership, culture change and strategic marketing unique to media outlets, career & technology education, and human resources, all of which brings them to bear in his current career at HTV Houston Television. Ted is proactively seeking out new ways to enhance his services and continually attain excellence, with employee engagement and improving organization cohesiveness his ultimate objective.

    Al Byers
    Cable Access Operations Supervisor

    As the operations supervisor, Al is responsible for designing, maintaining the engineering and operational functions, and legal compliance of the HTV facility. He designed the current facility and was responsible for the relocation from its previous location. Al began his fifty-plus year career in broadcast while a high school freshman as the midday weekend news anchor at his hometown radio station. His love for technology veered his career as the next Edward R. Murrow into the field of broadcast engineering. That path took him through a variety of radio and television stations to engineering one of the nation’s top ten radio stations and director of engineering of an international broadcast network.

    Today, furthering the open transparency goals of the City of Houston and offering quality deliver of product for the public keeps Al energized. As technology has continued to evolve so has Al with a file drawer full of industry certifications. Al became a licensed broadcast engineer at fourteen and is a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, the Audio Engineering Society, the Radio and Television News Directors Association, and the Society of Motion Picture Engineers. In his 'spare' time Al assisted non-profit organizations with their technology needs and battles the weeds in his gardens. (The weeds usually win.)

    Daryl Hughes
    Cable Access Program Supervisor (Productions)

    Daryl is an award-winning producer and editor for Houston Television. He is also a technical director and photojournalist. He oversees the production needs of HTV services.

    HTV Staff

    Leo Betancourt
    Senior Communications Technician (News/Production)

    Leo is an award-winning photojournalist, who writes, shoots, and edits inspirational, informational and enriching stories. He is responsible for shooting and editing news packages for HTV. In addition, Leo has a technical degree (BSEE) and has a passion for digital, multi-platform, production including social media. He can also produce and direct multi-camera shoots. His other skills include use of DSLR cameras, ACME GO, Livestream HD 550 and Davinci Resolve.

    Thomas Bradley
    Senior Communications Technician (Operations)

    As a staff member since 2019, Thomas brings a Bachelors' degree with concentration in journalism and over thirty years of broadcast industry experience in engineering and operations to HTV. His previous positions included Director of Engineering for a broadcasting company that included a commercial FM radio station, a live 24/7 satellite/internet hybrid broadcast radio distribution network, and a syndicated internet distribution network for a live weekday morning radio show since 2001. In addition to the broad range of skills already listed, his work experience history also includes FM radio DJ, radio production, radio news, and field work for a video production company early in his career.

    Since his arrival at HTV, Thomas has been tasked with learning the infrastructure, design, and layout of all existing technology that is used within the facility, investigation of equipment issues caused by Hurricane Harvey damage, working and collaborating with the HTV Operations Supervisor to revive critical systems and restore, grow, and evolve the overall facility functionality as needed to allow the HTV staff to better serve the needs of HTV's mission and clientele.

    Rich Fanning
    Senior Communications Technician (Operations)

    Prior to his work at Houston Television as a videographer and editor, Rich worked as an award-winning commercial and documentary video producer for over fifteen years. As an HTV broadcast operations engineer, Rich bridges the divide between art and technology to bring the latest tools to HTV's creative arsenal. Overseeing the transition of the station’s editing capabilities to current industry recognized standards, Rich has been recognized as a DaVinci Resolve certified editor, colorist, and audio engineer. He is continuing his training to become a DaVinci certified regional master trainer for the Houston region. Rich's experience with innovative lighting design has been the subject of industry articles on the subject and he is currently adding 3D design and animation to the capabilities of HTV.

    Barbara Felder
    Administrative Assistant

    Barbara brings over twenty-five years of administrative experience to Houston Television. In her capacity at HTV, she is responsible for financial and staff personnel. She also acts as a liaison to the Mayor’s Office, members of city council and city departments regarding production requests.

    Gabriela Finney
    Senior Communications Technician (News/Production)

    Gabby has gone from HTV intern to full-time employee tasked with assisting the production department with her talents of videography and editing. She is currently assigned with covering the public events attended by the Mayor of Houston.

    Keith Jackson
    Senior Communications Technician (Producer, Internal Clients)

    Keith has performed all aspects of television production, including multi-camera production; both studio and remote live programs. Keith loves learning to operate new gear from DSLR, Eldelkrone slider and Atomos Sumo 19” switcher. Prior to joining HTV, Keith shot and edited for various sports shows. When given the opportunity Keith enjoys breaking away from the government grind to shoot Houston sports.

    Chikezie Johnson
    Production Specialist

    Chikezie, also known as CJ, is a graduate from the University of North Texas. He specializes in radio, television and film productions while also having experience in Brand Building, Virtual Home Tours, Product Promotion and much more.

    As one of the production specialists at HTV, his job is to create content showcasing the wonderful projects the City of Houston has to offer. Chikezie sees everyday as an opportunity to grow and highlight the community.

    Travis Leamons
    Senior Communications Technician (Program Director)

    Everything is copy, even this short bio you are reading right now. While he wouldn’t say it is the most fascinating thing you’re likely to read, he wouldn’t disagree if you thought it was. Travis is the “Intrepid Everyman” for Houston Television. It’s kind of a funny story how he got to be this way. Maybe he just picked the shortest straw. Let’s just say referring to him as program director overshadows his other roles, which can either fit on a Post-it or in a manuscript depending on who’s asking. From serving as on-air talent for public service announcements and hosting various productions, to making station IDs and requested edits, Travis keeps adding to his qualifications that Hollywood is already prepping a sequel with the following tagline: When the station needs a bright idea, it turns on a light.

    Cheri Pressley
    Senior Communications Specialist (News/Production)

    Cheri is a photojournalist who came to the City of Houston after a career in TV news. Cheri loves being on the front lines of the latest news and sporting events but covering hurricanes Katrina and Rita finally convinced her to try a new challenge. She is a native Houstonian who enjoys meeting new people and finding ways to tell stories visually.

    While working at several TV stations around the country, Cheri traveled with two U.S. Presidents, several governors, and dignitaries as well as a couple of NBA basketball teams. (Don’t tell anyone, but she had more fun covering B-ball!!) She worked in Denver at the Nat’l. Press Photographers Association station of the year and subsequently began teaching at NPPA workshops. Cheri has worked many high-profile stories, winning a variety of awards in each city she worked in as well as being nominated for several Emmys.

    Bryant Qurioga
    Master Control Operator

    Bryant is responsible for the playback equipment in master control and overseeing all the meetings for the city of Houston as it is pushed out to the public.

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