Livable Places Action Committee

Project Introduction

Livable Places LogoThe Livable Places initiative is a continuation of the Planning Department’s effort to update portions of Houston’s development codes to create more opportunities for walkability, affordability and equity. Following the Walkable Places and Transit-Oriented Development Ordinances Committee’s work, the Livable Places Action Committee will focus on rules that encourage the development and preservation of affordable, quality housing for all. It will also focus on creating opportunities for increased infill development that will strengthen Houston’s core, encourage use of multi-modal transportation options, improve safety, and preserve great neighborhoods. This effort is the next step the Department will take to realize the community’s preferences identified through action steps in several previous planning efforts such as Plan Houston, Resilient Houston, and others. The Houston Planning Commission convenes this committee to create regulatory changes to the City’s development codes that help implement Houston’s vision and goals.

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Livable Places Action Committee

This is a committee of the Houston Planning Commission comprised of industry representatives, subject matter experts, community leaders and other agencies who will guide the process. Planning Commissioners Lisa Clark and Sonny Garza serve as the co-chairs. The Committee will help staff create, analyze and propose regulatory changes to the City’s development codes by implementing the action steps identified in previous planning efforts.

Committee Members

  • Sonny Garza, Committee Co-Chair
  • Lisa Clark, Committee Co-Chair
  • Matthew Camp
  • Toby Cole
  • Cheryl O’Brien
  • Steve Curry
  • Curtis Davis
  • Neal Dikeman
  • Mike Dishberger
  • Zion Escobar
  • Peter Freedman
  • Luis Guajardo
  • Omar Izfar
  • Jeff Kaplan
  • Kirby Liu
  • Yuhayna Mahmud
  • Tyron McDaniel
  • Mark Nightingale
  • Dustin O’Neal / Shawn Massock
  • Kathy Payton
  • Bradley Pepper / Casey Morgan
  • Megan Sigler
  • Dr. Sheri Smith
  • Sandy Stevens
  • Fernando Zamarripa

Project Timeline

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Community Engagement