Livable Places Action Committee Meeting Details

Livable Places Action Committee meetings take place online, using the Microsoft TEAMs platform. Meeting links and instructions to join the virtual meeting are posted below.

Wednesday March 27th 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Getting Started

Download the Microsoft TEAMs program application for free from the Microsoft App store or from the web browser here. Please note that your computer requires speakers and a microphone in order to use Microsoft Teams. A free smartphone version of this app is also available from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Basic Virtual Meeting Instructions

  • Join the meeting via the link or by phone.
  • After joining, stay muted to minimize background disruptions.
  • If you are recognized by the Chair to speak, unmute yourself and consider turning on the app’s video during your speaking time.
  • State your name, spell your last name, and make your comments in the specified time allowed. Say if you are in support, against, or undecided, and Conclude your comments when prompted.
  • To mute or unmute yourself on the phone, press *6. On the computer, use the microphone icon.
  • Please turn off your video after speaking. Remember, your image and background are made public.
  • Please turn off your audio and video after speaking. Remember, the meetings are recorded and your image and background are made public.

Public Comments

The public may address the committee during the public comments item on agenda. Speaker signup requests must be emailed to 24 hours in advance of the committee meeting.

Concluding the Virtual Meeting

Please hang up or disconnect to leave the meeting.

Questions? Contact the Planning Department at 832-393-6600 or email us at Make sure to check out the page and participate in the project.