POLICE Department

Major Assaults & Family Violence

Major Assaults & Family Violence is HPD’s newest division, established on June 30, 2018 by combining the Major Assaults Unit formerly in the Homicide Division and the Family Violence Units from the Special Victims Division.

The Major Assaults Unit investigates non‐family, adult assaults in which the complainant is expected to survive. These include offenses involving hate crimes, deadly conduct, harassment, and terroristic threats. It also investigates kidnappings not investigated as in‐progress offenses.

The Family Violence Unit investigates incidents involving family violence that do not involve the death of the complainant. The unit also receives and enters protective orders into the Texas and National Crime Information Center (TCIC and NCIC) databases. It investigates reports of elder abuse submitted by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, which includes Adult Protective Services (APS). The unit’s on‐site counselors provide immediate resource and referral services to victims of family violence.