Incident   Suspect     Officer   
12/7/2016 155214316 16250 Imperial Valley Dr. M B 37 Killed Firearm M H 43 None Y 1 Officers were conducting a surveillance operation where suspects were believed to have planned an armored car robbery.  As officers attempted to arrest one of the suspects, the suspect exited his vehicle with a long rife.  In fear of his life, the officer shot the suspect who was later pronounced dead at the hospital.  
M B 29 None Firearm M H 43 None Y 2 or More
12/5/2016 154131216 301 Benmar M H 26 Wounded Firearm M B 29 None Y   2 or More   Officers attempted to stop a speeding vehicle which failed to stop. The vehicle pulled into an apartment complex at which time the driver got out and ran on foot. The suspect was being chased by the officers when he fired a gun at them. The pursuing officers returned fire, striking the suspect multiple times.
M H 28 None Y   2 or More  
11/28/2016 151462916 10235 Almeda Genoa M H 22 Wounded Firearm M H 25 None Y   1   Suspect was arrested after discharging a firearm and taking cash from register inside a fast food restaurant and fleeing to an abandoned building. While officers were establishing a perimeter around the building, two officered bumped into each other causing one of their firearms to accidentally discharge resulting in a K-9 biting both of officers and one suffering a shrapnel wound. Suspect was bit by K-9.
10/13/2016 131104116 11603 Riderwood Dr M B 21 Wounded Physical Force M W 31 Wounded N   1   While off duty, an HPD officer’s dog was bit by a loose German Shepherd. The officer knocked on the front door of the suspect’s house to gather information about the dog. The suspect got verbally abusive and the officer called 911. The suspect exited his residence, rushed the officer, and punched the officer causing him injury and disorientation. In fear of his life, the officer fired multiple shots striking the suspect.
9/26/2016 123203516 5450 Weslayan St. M W 46 Killed Firearm M B 34 None Y   1   The suspect, wearing military-style apparel, began randomly shooting at passersby in a neighborhood strip mall. One victim was critically wounded and another was seriously wounded. Multiple officers returned fire killing the suspect. No officers were injured.
M W 33 None Y   1  
M W 56 None Y   1  
M W 48 None Y   1  
M W 42 None Y   1  
8/27/2016 109985316 7500 Bellaire Blvd. Juvenile Juvenile Juvenile None None M P 23 None N   1   Three suspects entered a jewelry store to commit an aggravated robbery. One of the suspects observed an off duty officer working an extra job at the location and pointed a firearm at the officer. The officer and suspect exchanged gunfire and all three suspects then fled the scene. Two suspects were caught on foot and are currently in custody while one suspect fled the scene in a black Nissan Sentra. There were no known injuries to the officer or suspect.
M B 20 None Hammer    
M B UNK None Firearm    
8/4/2016 99760816 6300 Airline Dr. M H 34 Wounded Firearm M H 27 None Y   2 or More   The officers were chasing the robbery suspect on foot when the suspect fired a weapon at them. One of the officers returned fire but the suspect did not stop. The foot chase ended when a K9 officer was able to apprehend the suspect. Neither the officers nor the suspect was injured by gunfire.
7/24/2016 94862816 1100 W ALABAMA M W 27 Wounded Realistic BB gun M W 32 None Y 1   Patrol officers were dispatched to a call regarding an armed suspect. Upon arriving at the location, the officers found and confronted the suspect who was seen to have a pistol in his waistband. The officers attempted to get the suspect to raise his hands away from the pistol but the suspect reached for the weapon and pointed it at the officers forcing them to shoot.
M W 30 None Y 1  
7/9/2016 88163616 6700 Cullen Blvd M B 38 Killed Firearm M H 43 None Y   2 or More   The patrol officers on-viewed a suspect pointing a pistol directly at them. The officers stopped the patrol car and took cover behind the car doors while they attempted to get the suspect to disarm. The suspect ignored their commands and instead pointed his weapon toward the officers forcing them to shoot.
M H 39 None Y   2 or More  
7/9/2016 88431916 12816 Kingsbridge M W 49 None Firearm M W 49 None Y   1   Officers responding to a criminal mischief call were fired upon as they approached the residence. One of the officers returned fire as they backed away from the residence to take positions of cover. The suspect eventually surrendered after several hours of negotiations and after the suspect fired several more times at the officers.
6/7/2016 72782816 3409 Cavalcade M B 47 Wounded None M B 53 None N   2 or More   Extra job officers on viewed several males fighting each other at a club. While attempting to break up the fight, one male reached for his waistband. Fearing for the safety of others, the officer drew his weapon. The complainant was pushed, fell into the officer's pistol, and was accidentally shot. The victim is expected to survive.
5/29/2016 72408916 13210 Memorial Dr. M H 25 Killed Firearm M W 53 None Y   1   Police responded to an active shooter scene where a suspect walked up to a car wash and shot the complainant in the head. The suspect then grabbed an assault rifle and began shooting indiscriminatley. Three bystanders, two men and a woman, were also wounded, as were two Harris County Precinct 5 constable's deputies. A SWAT officer ended the ordeal by shooting and killing the gunman.
5/27/2016 67632516 3600 Gano St. M U UNK None Vehicle M H 47 None Y   2 or More   Officers attempted to pull over a vehicle for traffic violations when suspect turned off his head lights and attempted to evade the officers. The suspect reached out from the driver’s window and fired several rounds at the pursuing officers with a handgun and eventually came to an abrupt stop. Officers began a felony stop of the vehicle and the suspect reversed his car and crashed into the front of the patrol car. Officers, fearing for their lives fired multiple rounds at the suspect. The suspect sped off, abandoned the vehicle, and fled on foot. After an extensive search, the suspect was not located.
M W 34 None Y   2 or More  
5/24/2016 66462816 6700 Joyner M W 30 Wounded Vehicle M H 56 Wounded Y 1 The officer was following a stolen vehicle while waiting for backup units to arrive. The driver of the vehicle lost control and crashed into a fence at which time the driver fled on foot. The passenger got into the driver's seat at which time the officer gave verbal commands for the person to get out of the vehicle. Instead the driver revved the engine and drove in reverse towrd the officer causing the officer to shoot at the suspect.
4/28/2016 54184916 9600 N. Wayside M B 42 Wounded Unknown M W 32 None Y 2 or More The officer shot the suspect while on a traffic stop assisting Narcotics Division officers. The suspect had reached between his legs and came up with what the officer believed was a hand gun. The suspect crashed the car after a short chase and was transported to LBJ Hospital where he is expected to live. The officer was not injured.
5/20/2016 64416616 5098 Bingle M H 22 Wounded Firearm M H 40 None Y 2 or More CRU officers working with the Robbery division officers stopped a robbery suspect. The suspect pointed a gun at the officer forcing the officer to shoot him. No officers were injured. The suspect was taken to Ben Taub and his condition is expected to survive.
4/17/2016 48805716 6027 Ledbetter M B 29 Wounded Firearm M H 34 None Y 2 or More Officers responded to a person down call and arrived to find the suspect armed with a pistol. The officers gave verbal commands for the suspect to put down the weapon but the suspect ran towards the officers while pointing a gun at them forcing the officer to discharged his firearm.
4/14/2016 47566916 19732 Tomball Pkwy Outbound M B UNK Unknown Firearm M H 51 None N 1 Robbery suspects entered the bank with their guns drawn. An off-duty Houston police officer working security opened fire on the suspects. No injuries or arrests are reported at this time.
M B 37 Unknown Firearm
3/20/2016 35690916 200 S. 70th M H 28 Wounded Firearm M H 47 None Y 1   The officers located the suspect of a shooting in progress call and saw that he was armed with a pistol. The officers told the suspect to drop his weapon but the suspect refused and instead, turned toward the officers and pointed his weapon at them forcing the officers to shoot.
M H 48 None Y 1
3/17/2016 34516216 11300 North Fwy M B 32 None Firearm M W 30 None Y 2 or More   The armed suspects were leaving a business that they had just robbed when they were engaged by the officers. The suspects refused to drop their weapons forcing the officers to shoot.
M B 25 Wounded None M W 30 None Y 2 or More  
M B 23 Wounded Firearm M W 31 None Y 2 or More  
M B 29 Killed None M W 47 None Y 1  
M B 30 Killed Firearm M W 26 None Y 2 or More  
M B 32 None Firearm M W 34 None Y 1  
3/12/2016 32189216 3400 Eastex Fwy SR OB M B 37 Killed None M B 28 None Y   1   The officer was attempting to detain a suspect who was damaging public property. The suspect charged at the officer at which time the officer attempted to use a conducted energy device to stop him but it had no effect. The suspect continued to charge at the officer causing the officer to have to shoot at the suspect.
3/8/2016 30130016 7110 Mykawa Rd. M B 20 None Firearm M W 48 None Y 1   Southeast Patrol officers responded to a Disturbance / Weapon call. Upon arrival, two HPD sergeants discharged their duty weapons at the suspect who was armed with a shotgun. The suspect was not hit. No reports of injuries.
M H 38 None Y 1  
2/13/2016 19345016 5420 N. Hwy 6 Juvenile Juvenile Juvenile Wounded Firearm M H 50 None Y   1   The officers were conducing surveillance at an area business in response to a string of robberies that were occurring. The involved officer spotted two suspicious persons enter a a meat market at the location and as he approached the business to investigate further, he saw the males exit the location armed with weapons and firing at persons who were fleeing. The armed suspects saw the officer and began shooting at him forcing the officer to return fire.
M B 20 None Firearm    
2/5/2016 15817516 7129 Lawndale Juvenile Juvenile Juvenile None None M W 47 None N 1 The officer saw two masked men enter the gas station. The officer belived a robbery was about to occur and as he watched them he saw one of them point a weapon at the store clerk causing him to shoot the armed suspect.
Juvenile Juvenile Juvenile Wounded Firearm
1/26/2016 11017416 935 WOOLWORTH F W 40 None Firearm M W 35 None Y   2 or More   Officers initiated a stop on a possible stolen vehicle. The vehicle fled and was pursued by officers until it stopped. The suspect fled into a house, came back out, and pointed a gun at the officers. Both officers fired on the suspect who dropped the gun. No injuries were reported.
M B 27 None Y   2 or More  
1/19/2016 7896816 6011 Van Zandt M B 27 None Firearm M W 33 Wounded Y   1   "Northeast Officer was on a suspicious person call when the suspects shot at him. The officer was transported to Memorial Hermann hospital with a gunshot wound to the left arm. He is reported to be in stable condition. Two suspects were apprehended later by HPD officers. "
Juvenile Juvenile Juvenile None None

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