Mayor's Office of Special Events

About MOSE

The City of Houston Mayor's Office of Special Events (MOSE) produces and permits events for the City of Houston. City-wide and neighborhood festivals, dedications, inaugurations, parades, tree plantings, fun runs, galas, ground-breakings, holiday celebrations are examples of events coordinated by this office.

Civic celebration is vital to the spirit of Houston. The Mayor's Office of Special Events produces and permits events that enhance the image of the city and highlight Houston 's diverse culture. In addition to event production, the Mayor's Office of Special Events processes requests for special events, parade and street function permits, evaluates event co-sponsorship on city property, and provides production assistance for sponsored, co-sponsored, or fee-paid events. The goal of the Mayor's Office of Special Events is to promote consistent quality, family-oriented entertainment to Houston citizens and visitors.

Each year, almost 2500 events are held utilizing city property and streets, with an average annual attendance over 10 million people. These events, both large and small, reflect the rich cultural diversity of our community. The City of Houston is committed to supporting quality special events throughout the community. If you are planning a first-time event or simply making venue or programmatic changes to an annual event, give us a call before you complete your event plans.

The Mayor's Office of Special Events staff has valuable experience with thousands of events and wants to see your event succeed. Whether you are wondering about the availability of a venue or seeking technical assistance with traffic and safety planning, a preliminary conversation with City staff may help you save valuable time and provide you with initial guidance in the development of your special event plan.

If you don't know where to start, we are here to help you get on your way. It is our goal to assist event producers in planning a fun, safe and successful event that contributes to the diverse community that makes up the City of Houston. Contact the Mayor's Office of Special Events at 832.393.0868 to coordinate a preliminary discussion about your special event.

On behalf of the City of Houston, we thank you for contributing to the vitality and spirit of our community through the hosting of your event. Best wishes for a successful event!

Mayor's Office of Special Events
Susan Christian, Director
City Hall
901 Bagby, 1st Floor
Houston, Texas 77002