Super Neighborhoods

SN 24 - Neartown / Montrose

NAME: Neartown / Montrose


STATUS: Active



Greg LeGrande, President
4th Tuesday, 7:00 pm, Monthly
Cherryhurst Community Center
1700 Missouri, 77006
Meeting Virtually at this time

LOCATION: The Neartown / Montrose Super Neighborhood is located in west central Houston. The super neighborhood is roughly bound by Highway 59 to the south, Allen Parkway to the north, Taft Street, Bagby Street and Main Street to the east, and South Shepherd Drive to the west. Neartown / Montrose is located in Council District C.

COMMUNITY DESCRIPTON AND HISTORY: Neartown includes some of Houston’s oldest and most historic neighborhoods and is home to 6 Houston designated Historic Districts. Neartown is one of Houston's most eclectic communities. The area has a very distinctive Bohemian atmosphere where people from diverse backgrounds come together. The community has a history of attracting a free spirited creative class. The availability of affordable housing and close proximity to performance and entertainment venues made the area a prime location for artists and musicians. Houston's gay, lesbian, and transgender communities have also embraced Neartown as a destination neighborhood. These groups have come together to create a truly unique urban experience.

The Neartown living experiences, as well as proximity to downtown, has placed considerable growth pressure on the area. The demand for housing in and around Neartown is changing the look and feel of the community. In some areas of Neartown, old homes are being demolished to make way for high-end contemporary homes or multi-unit condominiums and apartments. However, many neighborhoods in Neartown fortunate enough to have deed restrictions have managed to retain their neighborhood character. Vintage neighborhoods with back yards and singe-family homes can still be found in Neartown. The mixture of new and old, traditional and contemporary and the variety of housing stock greatly contribute to the diversity that defines Neartown.

Today's Neartown/Montrose is home to cultural institutions such as the Menil Collection, Rothko Chapel, and Art League Houston; service organizations like Legacy Community Health and the Montrose Center; the University of St. Thomas; as well as a number of churches and public and private schools. Greater Montrose remains a hub of entertainment, distinctive eateries, eclectic businesses, and artistic endeavors. These are just a few examples of the varied contributions that give today’s Neartown a vitality that stands at the core of Houston’s urban identity.

Neartown is an evolving community. Slowly, the second-hand stores, vintage shops and dinners are giving way to high end boutiques, coffee shops and trendy restaurants. The artist and musicians that once thrived in Neartown are finding it more difficult to find affordable housing as young professionals, students and families move into the area.

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