Super Neighborhoods

Super Neighborhood 40 - Central Southwest

Recognized 08.2002. Central Southwest SN shares a joint council with SN #39 - Fondren Gardens.

2nd Tuesday, 6:45 pm, Quarterly
Hiram Clark Multi-Service Center
3810 W. Fuqua, 77045
Meets with SN 39


Central Southwest, located south of South Main and west of the South Freeway, contains a collection of subdivisions separated by undeveloped land. The northern part of the area includes an oilfield, old land fills, and many heavy industries located close to Holmes Road. To the south, pleasant 1950s neighborhoods such as Cambridge Village, Brentwood, Windsor Village, Almeda Plaza and Pamela Heights are found. The area is bisected by Sims Bayou. Mega churches serving metropolitan-wide congregations are a recent phenomenon in the area. The boundaries are Holmes Road to the north, Hwy 288 South to the east, Beltway 8 South and the city limits to the south and Hillcroft Street to the west.

Brief History

  • In 1892, the unincorporated town of Almeda, Texas was recorded. It was located on the (Houston) Columbia Tap Railroad. At that time Almeda was 11 miles from Houston city limits.
  • In 1914, a two story brick building served the needs of students coming from Brazoria, Fort Bend, and Harris County as far north as Holmes Road.
  • In 1938, the citizens voted to become part of the Houston Independent School District. Students attended San Jacinto High until Madison High School was built in 1965.
  • In the 60's Petersen, Montgomery, Grissom, Hobby, Windsor Village elementary schools were built to accommodate students who until then attended Almeda School with an enrollment of 1200.
  • Almeda Plaza was the first subdivision. Until then most homes were wood frame.


  • Brentwood Park
  • Cambridge Village Park
  • Canterbury Village
  • Maxie (Beulah) Almeda Plaza
  • Minchen (Simon) Park
  • Post Oak Park
  • Taylor (E. R. and Ann) Park
  • Wildheather Park
  • Windsor Village Park

Community Venues

  • Hiram Clarke Multi-Service Center
  • Power Center
  • Vinson Library
  • HPD Store Front

Famous/Well Known Residents

  • A. Parker (Parker's Hardware is still in business)

Civic Associations

  • There are 23 Civic Associations in the SN

Contact Info

  • Central Southwest SN shares a joint council with SN #39 - Fondren Gardens; meetings are held 7:00 pm, on a quarterly-basis at various locations.
  • Ray Washington (SN President)
    14907 Bathurst Drive
    Houston, TX 77053
    (713) 826-6627

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