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Super Neighborhood 77 - Minnetex

Recognized 03.22.2001

Your super neighborhood at-a-glance:


Minnetex is an isolated, semi-rural area in south central Houston which experienced very little development. The recent opening of the South Belt through the southern edge of this community raises the possibility of new development. The scattered homes, small large-lot subdivisions and occasional industrial facility are surrounded by acres of raw land which now has quick access to the rest of the metropolitan area. For now impediments to new growth are the lack of water and sewer lines.


  • Law Park

Community Venues

  • Minnetex Old School (SN's historic building)

Civic Associations

  • Minnetex Civic Club

Key Planned Project 

  • Develop and improve major infrastructure facilities in the entire neighborhood to attract businesses to the area.

Contact Info

  • Meetings are held 7:00 pm on the First Thursdays of each month at:
    Old School House
    6401 Almeda Genoa
    Houston, Texas 77048
  • Mark McMillen (SN President)
    755 Marleen
    Houston, TX 77034
    (713) 459-5242

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