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Los Luzeros De Rioverde

In the competitive world of "Nortefio"music, one could present this group as just "one more group" in this genre, but there is a difference in these individuals. They are a couple of child prodigies who were born in Houston, Texas and who in a short time have become celebrities.

"We have one hundred percent Mexican blood and we continue with pride, customs and traditions such as northern music," the children say. His parents explain how the name of the group "Los Luzeros de Rioverde" came about. The word "light" within the word "Luzeros" means that they are the light of their family, because they are Luzeros with "Z." And "from Rioverde" because his father was born in the city of the same name in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosf. His artistic qualities and abilities were ignited at the early age of 7 years for Yaxeni and at the age of 4 for Ricardo. When they saw their father performing "Nortefio"music in public at parties with friends. It's then when they decided to study and learn, Yaxeni in the accordion with the help of his mother's hand and Ricardo with the bajoquinto that he could barely hold.

Their discipline in learning paid off and after uploading a video on social media that went viral, the invitations to participate in various events began. They uploaded more videos to YouTube and Facebook and continued to make a sensation for their natural talent.

With so much success in social media, his parents decided to record an album at the end of 2015, entitled "Recordar es Vivir" and with other songs from "Nortefio" of yesteryear, the "Luzeros de Rioverde" were known. An album recorded with the intention of saving it for listening to in the future as a memory of what Los Luzeros de Rioverde did as little ones. Without imagining that it was just the beginning of his career.

It is in 2016 that the Garmex Music label was interested in promoting them and, therefore, marked the beginning of their career in the major music leagues with the recording of their second album where the hit "El Descendiente" was released, with the intention of moral support for the millions of Mexican immigrants living in the United States.

The Luzeros de Rioverde begin a new phase of internationalization acting in the most important television programs such as "Despierta America", "Un Nuevo Dfa", "Sal y pimienta" and a special invitation from Don Francisco to participate in the broadcast of "Siem pre nifios", Tengo Ta lento Mucho Ta lento, among other programs Of television such as Tel em undo, Univision, etc.

Television, radio and social networks allowed the rapid growth of the career of Los Lu zeros de Rioverde and they were invited in January 2017 to the program "Grandes Chicos" in Colombia. They also Participated in the Seminar of St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, where media representatives were surprised by the talent of these young artists.
At a young age they have already participated in events in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, and many other cities. They traveled to Mexico to participate in the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the Foundation of Rfoverde, San Luis Potosf and, due to the tremendous success, they were asked to return again to perform at the city's traditional fair.

In 2018 they released their third album with the label, which is entitled "Con Amor y Sentimiento", where, for the first time, they performed songs completely in English. Album that opens the doors for American television programs. Television programs such as "Little Big Shots" with Mr. Steve Harvey, ABC 13, CNN, Houston Life Channel 2, KPRC News, among others.
In the midst of all this phenomenon that Los Luzeros de Rioverde were causing; in mid-2018, Ailyn joined the group. Little sister of Los Lu zeros of Rioverde. Integrating at the age of 5 in the Bass, Ailyn makes her debut in the group Los Luzeros de Rioverde at a concert in Alabama. The Lu zeros de Rioverde also present Ailyn in a "Pepe's Office" interview. Los Luzeros de Rioverde now with a third member continue with their presentations.

Thanks to the success of their album "Con Amor y Sentimiento" they were invited to many events and special presentations such as "The Mayor's Holiday Celebration" and "Discovery Green Event" among others, in the hometown of Los Luzeros de Rioverde, Houston, Tx.

In 2019, after a year of many presentations, trips and new music projects; Los Luzeros de Rioverde return to their home Houston, XT where they take a short break due to the beginning of a pandemic known as "COVID 19". During this pandemic, Los Luzeros de Rioverde focus on their school and studies.

During this pandemic, Los Luzeros de Rioverde continued to upload their music to social networks. Reaching more than 1 million followers on Facebook and more than 700,000 followers on YouTube.

After the pandemic, Francisco joined in 2021. Little brother of Los Luzeros of Rioverde. Integrating at the age of 5 in the drums, Los Luzeros de Rioverde de Rioverde began to upload their music videos with Francisco officially playing the drums.

Beginning in 2023, Los Luzeros de Rioverde now working for their own company "Angelz Entertainment", Los Lu zeros de Rioverde will begin their tour in Atlanta, Georgia.

Los Luzeros De Rioverde