74th Annual H-E-B Thanksgiving Day Parade

Miss Texas 2023

Ellie Breaux is a Houston native and 2023 graduate from the University of North Texas, graduatingwith a degree in Marketing with a focus on Fashion. At UNT, Ellie was a part of the NorthTexas Dancers and served as their Social Chair.

She currently works as a Spokesperson/Brand Ambassador for multiple brands. Additionally,Ellie is a professional model and works consistently with Terry Costa, Sherri Hill, ImpeccablePig, and Landry Kate, to name a few.

Ellie entered her first pageant in 2020 and secured the title of Miss Keller 2020/21. From there,she competed for the crown of Miss Texas, placing 2nd runner-up and walking away that yearwith over $9,000 in Scholarships. She is now Miss Texas 2023 and won over $21,000 inscholarships.

Ellie's Mission

"Cops in the Community" is a platform that aims to establish a stronger connection betweenpolice officers and the communities they serve. It was founded with a specific mission in mind,which is to bridge the gap that sometimes exists between law enforcement and the people theyare entrusted to protect and serve. One of the primary goals of "Cops in the Community" is tofacilitate meaningful interactions between police officers and community members. This can beachieved through various initiatives such as community outreach programs, town hall meetings,educational workshops, and recreational events. These activities provide opportunities for policeofficers and community members to engage in open dialogues, share experiences, and buildrelationships based on trust and respect.

Miss Texas 2023