Vision Zero

About Us

Vision Zero Houston prioritizes safety and accessibility in street design for people of all ages and abilities. It requires collaboration and leadership to improve mobility through engineering, enforcement, education, evaluation, and equity. Vision Zero Houston is a comprehensive and holistic approach to safer streets that supports the common good and enhances the quality of life for all Houstonians.

What Do Safe Streets Mean to You?

A few of our transportation planners took to streets and intersections in Houston and talked about why they feel safe using them, whether driving, biking, or walking.

The Paradigm Shift

On August 13, 2019, Mayor Sylvester Turner signed the Vision Zero Executive Order committing to end traffic deaths and serious injuries on Houston streets by 2030.

Achieving safe and accessible streets for everyone requires us to shift how we think about moving around our city. People deserve to be safe on our streets whether they are driving, walking, biking, using a wheelchair, or riding transit. While everyone should travel safely, people make mistakes and we can design our streets to be forgiving so that those mistakes do not result in fatal crashes. Our streets support our livelihoods and we must commit to making them safer for everyone.

Vision Zero Houston will use data and best practices to inform comprehensive strategies. We will report regularly on our progress toward Vision Zero. See more about this on our Approach webpage.

Vision Zero is an international movement for safe streets. Houston is one of more than 45 Vision Zero cities in the United States. You can learn about Vision Zero efforts around the country from the Vision Zero Network.