Planning & Development DepartmentHouston, the 4th largest city in the United States, is a dynamic, growing city, rich in culture and diversity. The Planning and Development Department's mission is to work to ensure that it remains a vibrant and sustainable city by partnering with decision makers and the community to balance a spectrum of needs and interests while addressing the dynamics of growth and change.

Walkable PlacesNew Committees: Walkable Places and Platting Standards
The City of Houston Planning Commission has created two committees – Walkable Places and Platting Standards – to review and consider potential changes to the City’s Code of Ordinances (Chapters 26 & 42) pertaining to walkability and platting. These two committees are chaired by members of the Commission and comprised of a broad-spectrum of stakeholders from the community.

Proposed Amendments to Chapter 26, Article VIII
The City of Houston is proposing amendments to Article VIII of Chapter 26 of the Code of Ordinances related to Off-Street Parking and Loading. The intent of the changes is to correct a typo, clarify bike rack standards, and allow for reasonable administrative flexibility within the rules similar to the flexibility already found in other sections of the existing ordinance. To view the changes, please click here. Public comments on the changes will be accepted until Sunday, September 18th. Please submit comments on the online comment form. A public hearing on the amendments will be held by the Planning Commission on Thursday, September 29, 2016. The Commission meets at 2:30pm in the City Hall Annex Public Chambers at 900 Bagby Street (downtown).

Proposed Amendments to Chapter 33
The City of Houston is proposing amendments to Chapter 33 of the Code of Ordinances related to the Major Thoroughfare and Freeway Plan and the Bicycle Master Plan. Public comments were accepted and a public hearing was held by the Planning Commission on August 18th. To view a summary of the public comments and related staff recommendation, please click here. The modified amendments will be considered by the Planning Commission on Thursday, September 1st. To view a “clean version” of the final document under consideration, please click here. For questions on the proposed amendments, please contact Brian Crimmins at

Houston Bike Plan comments/requested revisions

Historic PreservationHistoric Districts Design Guidelines
Historic preservation design guidelines are being developed for nine historic districts in the City of Houston. Phase 1 of this project will produce design guidelines for the following districts: Houston Heights East, Houston Heights West, Houston Heights South, Freeland, Norhill, Woodland Heights, and Old Sixth Ward. Phase 2, which will begin in 2017, will include design guidelines for Main Street/Market Square Historic District and Glenbrook Valley Historic District. For more information and updates go to the project page.

Houston Bike Plan
The Planning Commission is scheduled to consider the Houston Bike Plan at its regularly scheduled meeting this Thursday February 2 at 2:30 PM. The Planning Commission previously held a public hearing on the Bike Plan on January 19, 2017. Comments received at the public hearing and draft staff responses can be seen on the attached spreadsheet. The Planning Commission will have the opportunity to consider a recommendation of the Bike Plan subject to staff’s recommend updates and to forward the Plan to City Council.

This is the next step in the City's efforts to help make Houston a safer, healthier, and more accessible bicycle-friendly city. Full completion of the bikeway network will put comfortable bikeways within reach of over 95% of people and jobs in the city. The Plan is the result of broad, inclusive public engagement in 2015 and 2016 including over 100 meetings and public events in all 12 council districts. Public input included over 4,000 online survey responses, over 600 comments from online interactive maps, over 1,000 written comments, and over 550 letters of support. Please visit to view the Plan and related documents.