Brownfields Redevelopment Program


The City of Houston's Brownfield Redevelopment Program has been a tremendously effective partnership of government, industry, community and non-profit organizations working together to cleanup Houston’s idle properties, create jobs, encourage economic growth, and benefit communities in need.


The Houston Brownfield Program seeks to help redevelop and revitalize properties that are abandoned or underutilized due to real or perceived contamination. Brownfield Properties can include sites such as old gas stations and auto body shops, abandoned industrial facilities, and many more. Our program offers comprehensive services to help with these problem properties. Contact us for a full review of your site and learn how the Brownfield Program can help redevelop and revitalize your brownfield properties.


“For every acre of reused brownfields an estimated 4.5 acres of unused green space is preserved.”
- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 


Minute Maid Park Before
Minute Maid Park After

Contact Brownfields


Office Name: Brownfields Redevelopment Program


Main Office Phone: 832.394.9005


Main Office Fax: 832.394.9609




Mailing Address:
Brownfields Redevelopment Program
c/o Jennifer Clancey
P.O. Box 2688
Houston,  TX  77262-2688


Physical Address:
1002 Washington Ave., Office 339
Houston,  TX  77002