District C

Council Member Abbie Kamin

Council Member Abbie Kamin Abbie Kamin is a civil rights attorney and neighborhood advocate, who was born and raised in Houston.

She’s a true believer in the courage, grit, and grace of everyday Houstonians.

Every resident in every neighborhood deserves timely trash and recycling pickup, safe streets and sidewalks, the highest standards of flood protection, and all of the quality services expected of a great city. Abbie is a relentless champion who continues to cut through the red tape at City Hall and advance practical solutions.

Abbie is as Houston Proud as it gets. Her great grandparents were the first of her family to settle in Houston, in the Heights. They owned a store in what is now District C. Her father, a small business owner, instilled in her a proud legacy of giving back to the city that has always provided opportunities for her and her family.

The evacuation orders for New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina came on Abbie’s first day at Tulane University. She returned home to Houston and quickly joined her mother at the Astrodome to care for growing populations of refugees arriving from New Orleans’ Superdome.

The young woman who grew up debating the pressing issues of the day around the dinner table in a middle-class Houston neighborhood was confronted with the shocking reality of deeply embedded institutional racism, the deadly impacts of climate change and the complete and utter failure of government to provide the most basic care and safety for its people.

That experience began a journey for Abbie that continues to inform her life and her work to this day. More ...