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Please use this specific application to find your home or business details.


The My City mapping application now can report Jurisidiction information and Solid Waste Schedules for an address using the Locate Address tool.  Jurisdiction information reported includes City Council District, Super Neighborhood, and City/Limits/Extra-territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) with City Services provided for Limited Purpose Areas.  The Solid Waste Schedules are for Automated Trash/Yard Waste pickup days, Heavy Trash pickup days, and Recycling pickup days.  To use My City, your browser must have the appropriate Adobe Flash Player 10.x or higher plug-in installed. As for version, the browser must be Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, or a recent version of Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

You can also find your Council Member via calling 3-1-1. If you are calling from outside the City Limits, the number is 713.837.0311, or from the My Address / ZIP listings.