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Projects - Bagby: Complete Street

Bagby Complete Street Graphic

The Bagby Street project is the first of four Greenroads-certified sustainable roadway projects in the City and the first in the state to accommodate the needs of all street users by providing pedestrian friendly amenities and increased access to Midtown Park and local businesses. It features the installation of gardens, walkways and benches with LED lighting along with a variety of artistic characteristics that enhance pedestrian safety in the vibrant urban neighborhood near Downtown Houston.

“The pedestrian elements of Midtown Redevelopment Authority’s Greenroads Project align beautifully with the City of Houston’s Complete Streets initiative, taking into account all users of the street, not just those in cars,” said Mayor Parker. “About 40% of Houstonians do not drive and Midtown is highly populated with pedestrians who both live and work nearby.”

The Bagby Street Reconstruction Project was vetted by members of the community, including neighborhood groups, management districts and others stakeholders interested in walkable urban projects. As a major collector street in a dense urban area whose poor conditions were evident throughout, today, the Bagby design serves to reinforce the importance of reimagining our approach to streets, sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, public transit, bike trails and lanes. Street crossing distances were reduced by 45%, increasing pedestrian traffic by 200% while maintaining the vehicle level of service.

The Bagby Street project has received the following awards and recognitions:

  • 2014 Public Works Projects of the Year, The Texas Chapter of the American Public Works Association
  • 2014 Best Street of the Year, Congress for the New Urbanism
  • 2014 Presidential Award of Excellence in Design and Implementation and Merit Award for Communication, The American Society of Landscape Architects-Texas
  • 2014 Engineering Excellence Honor Award, American Council of Engineering Companies
  • 2014 Engineering Excellence Gold Award in Special Projects, American Council of Engineering Companies-Texas
  • 2014 Active Mobility/Complete Streets Award, International Making Cities Livable organization

The City of Houston’s Planning and Development Department, Public Works and Engineering Department and METRO remain committed to the pedestrian-friendly, sustainable design elements of the Mayor’s Complete Streets and Transportation Plan, which seek to provide a balance of vehicular mobility, pedestrian and biking mobility and roadside parking.

The Complete Streets policy will be achieved over time as improvements to existing roadways and redevelopment occur.