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Numerous publications and case studies inform our work within the economic development division. For instance, our ideas on how industry agglomeration affect our regional economy stems from Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter’s concept of clustering, now a federal data project. However, local policy studies completed by partners inform much of our work. One partner, the Houston Area Galveston Council's study completed a study entitled the Urban Houston Framework, a study that shaped the division's priorities significantly. Similarly, work within urban economics, sub regional plans, and policy from regional research entities all influence our philosophy towards development.

Here is a brief selection of a few studies that shaped our thoughts on Houston development:

HGAC Studies

Urban Houston Framework



Near Northwest

Washington Avenue

Upper Kirby


Fourth Ward

Energy Corridor

East End

Upper Kirby

Evaluating Transportation

Livable Center Impact Guide

Better Bikeways

Regional Growth Forecast

Rice University

Shell Center for Sustainability

Kinder Survey


Upskill Houston

Journal Publications

Anchor Institutions

Capital Investment and Job Creation

Education and Job Openings

Housing Cost and High Scoring School Access

Transit and Jobs in Metropolitan America

Determinants of TIF property Value Growth

Effects of Racial Segregation on Urban Poverty and Inequality

How to Make the Metropolitan Area Work? : Neither Big Government, Nor Laissez-Faire

Place Based Investments and Neighborhood Tipping

Household Valuation of New and Renovated Local Parks

The Economics of Museums

Moving to Opportunity: A Randomized Mobility Experiment

Neighborhood Effects

Cities and Skills

Clusters of Entrepreneurship

Effects of Income Inequality on Taxation and Public Expenditures

Segregation in American Cities

Tax Incentives and Housing Investment in Low-Income Neighborhoods

Urban Density Premium