General Services Department

Public Information Office

Jacquelyn L. Nisby
Executive Staff Analyst / Council Liaison / Public Information Officer
Director's Office

Nisby serves as the Council Liaison and Public Information Officer for the General Services Department.

As Council Liaison, Nisby prepares, reviews and coordinates all departmental Requests for Council Action (RFCA), briefs City Council and staff on departmental Agenda items, serves as department representative at Council meetings and responds to Council inquiries and requests for service.

In her role as the Public Information Officer (PIO), Nisby handles department-related Texas Public Information requests, news media and citizen inquiries. This office also organizes press conferences and disseminates press releases.

Nisby joined the Legal Department in 1992, as an Assistant City Attorney, after earning her law degree from South Texas College of Law in Houston. During her tenure with the City, Nisby worked for the Texas State Legislature as General Counsel of the Intergovernmental Relations Committee, chaired by Senator Rodney D. Ellis. She holds a BAAS in political science from the University of North Texas in Denton.