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Inspections & Public Service

A Division of the Department of Neighborhoods

Inspections & Public Service (IPS) operations focus on the enforcement of City codes to reduce blight, nuisances and substandard residential property. The division's four sections respond to a full range of concerns, working with community partners and residents to vitalize and preserve neighborhoods.

The Administration Section oversees Building and Standards Commission and Hearing Officer Administrative Hearings on Dangerous Buildings and related emergencies in accordance with the City's Code of Ordinances, Chapter 10, Article IX. - Building Standards. The Section also assists citizens with lien queries and public records requests.

Contact: Larry Carroll, Manager - Administration, 832.394.0628,

The Inspections Section enforces City codes under Chapter 10 - Buildings and Neighborhood Protection pertaining to numbering, demolitions, weeded lots and other nuisances on private property, rat control and the abatement of junked motor vehicles, graffiti and visual blight. The Section also enforces Chapter 39 - Solid Waste and Litter Control codes pertaining to trash collection services. Standing programs include Make Safe Saturday, the Mayor's Demolition Day and the City's annual Demolition Initiative.

Contact: Gregory Mackey, Manager - Inspections, 832.394.0600,

Public Service
The Public Service Section conducts blight reduction activities year-round, consisting of cleanup and beautification projects sponsored in partnership with civic groups, volunteers, residents, nonprofits and business supporters. Year-round initiatives include the Mayor's Mow-Down Program, the Mayor's Strike-off Blight Program and Neighborhood Matching Grants.

Contact: Conya Barreras, Community Relations - Public Service, 832.394.0654

Signs Code Enforcement
The Signs Code Enforcement Section abates signage unlawfully painted or posted on a public right of way or city property in accordance with the City's Code of Ordinances, Chapter 28, Article I, Sections 28-38 and 28-39. Abatement initiatives feature an outreach component designed to educate residents about city codes and create community partnerships to improve the neighborhood environment.

Contact: Reggie Harris, Manager - Signs Code Enforcement, 832.394.8918,

City of Houston Code of Ordinances

To access the City of Houston Code of Ordinances searchable webpage, click on the following link:  

IPS Clean Neighborhoods Campaign

Year-Round Projects Target Blighted Neighborhoods

The Clean Neighborhoods Campaign is a year-round effort that aims to reduce blight and substandard living and enhance the aesthetic appeal of targeted neighborhoods.  The campaign is sponsored by the Department of Neighborhoods Inspections & Public Service division in partnership with other City departments, City Council offices, Keep Houston Beautiful and civic associations. 

Volunteer GraphicCleanup and beautification projects are carried out with the help of volunteers.  The projects benefit neighborhoods in greatest need throughout the city.  A primary objective of the campaign is to raise public awareness of the City’s blight ordinances and promote compliance as a way of making neighborhoods safer, cleaner and more livable.

Residents are encouraged to participate in neighborhood enhancement activities in their own communities.  The ultimate goal is to nurture neighborhood pride and generate a spirit of community service among residents, reinforced by efforts that bring visible improvements to our neighborhoods.

Make a difference – Volunteer!

Volunteers are needed to help with cleanup activities.  If you would like to volunteer, send an email to

Mayor's Mow-Down Program

Mayor's Mow-Down Program

The Department of Neighborhoods announces the Mayor’s Mow-Down, a new initiative designed to address the problem of overgrown lots by encouraging civic groups and nonprofit organizations to make a commitment to maintaining abandoned properties in their own neighborhoods.   

By maintaining vacant lots in their own vicinities, community groups can help promote neighborhood pride and citizen involvement in addressing public safety concerns often associated with overgrown lots.  Such efforts not only help enhance the neighborhood setting but also protect the value of properties in the area. More ...

Helpful Forms

The forms below are in .pdf (revised April 2015):

How to Report a Violation

To report a junk motor vehicle, weeded lot, open and vacant building, graffiti or other nuisances on private property; citizens are encouraged to call the city’s service helpline at 3-1-1 or 713.837.0311 or online at

Additionally, citizens can contact their council member or a representative in the Mayor's Citizens' Assistance Office (MCAO) for assistance with reporting blight and substandard conditions in their neighborhood.

Once a service request has been generated, citizens can follow-up or check the status by contacting IPS directly at 832.394.0600.

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