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How will we end traffic deaths and serious injuries? What are the goals and actions that might go into the Vision Zero Action Plan?

Let's Talk About the Problem

The Problem

  • 1,100 people lost their lives in traffic crashes on Houston roadways between 2014-2018. That means at least every other day for the past five years someone has lost their life in a preventable crash. This is unacceptable.


  • Streets can be created as places that are safe and enjoyable for everyone. Streets are for people. People move around in different ways and with different abilities. People may drive, walk, use a wheelchair, catch the bus, bike, or take a few different modes to reach their destination. We will engineer and design safe, accessible streets which prioritize people and the varying ways they move around.
  • Data and analysis helps to determine dangerous streets and intersections. We can identify where and how lots of deadly crashes are happening and make those streets safer. There are places where crashes don’t happen, but still feel unsafe. We will use an equitable approach to evaluate crash data, social and demographic factors, and identify areas where people feel unsafe using our streets. We will measure success through benchmarks and share progress in an annual report.
  • Community input makes for a comprehensive and inclusive strategy to improve street safety. We will engage residents to hear their street safety priorities and use feedback to guide the Vision Zero Action Plan. We will actively listen to concerns and equitably address challenges. We will work with our partners to help educate everyone about local and state laws, current projects, and the benefits of safely sharing our streets.
  • Policies and laws regulating our streets allow communities to remain healthy and safe. Understanding these laws and applying them equitably is key to ending traffic deaths and serious injuries. We will collaborate with officers to assess existing policies so that we can better enforce laws which protect all road users. We will advocate for advanced technology so that officers have the resources they need to improve data collection and prevent traffic deaths.
  • Investments in places where needs are the greatest improves street safety for our most vulnerable populations and underrepresented communities. We will integrate equity into Vision Zero by recognizing our communities who have been systemically discriminated against in transportation practices. We will improve street safety and accessibility for everyone by investing in places where needs are the greatest.