At-Large Position 3

About the Council Member

Michael KuboshMichael Kubosh has served as the At-Large Position No. 3 Council Member since 2014, representing the entire City of Houston.

Before his election to office, Kubosh organized the campaign to remove the red-light cameras in Houston.  The Citizens Against Red Light Cameras campaign collected more than 50,000 petition signatures to improve public safety. As a result, Houston voters approved a charter amendment that prohibits the use of red-light cameras in Houston. Kubosh also led a petition campaign, Free To Give, to prevent the City of Houston from making the feeding of the hungry and homeless a criminal act.

As a Council Member, Kubosh was able to bring together the City of Houston and Harris County to fund and coordinate a joint project to remove 125 stolen and abandoned vehicles from Brays, Sims and Buffalo bayous.  These vehicles were discovered and identified by Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch in 2012 when looking for a missing senior citizen.

Kubosh campaigned as an outsider, remarking during the campaign “I am an outsider, put me on the inside and I will tell you what is really going on at City Hall”.  Kubosh has kept his promises and has called out public officials when he discovers a lack of transparency.

Kubosh continues to advocate for transparency. He believes that the citizens have the right to know what is going on in city government, and that the public be provided with information that is clear, complete and concise.

Kubosh also believes that the primary focus of city government should be providing core services to all citizens, including police, fire, and emergency services, and water, sewer and trash collection services.

Kubosh maintains that the City of Houston should not spend more money than it brings in. There must be accountability and restraint on spending and taxing.

Kubosh is married with five children.  He has an adoptive son and has served as a state-licensed childcare administrator for two foster group homes with 47 children. Kubosh also has 18 grandchildren and two great-grandsons.

Kubosh Priorities & Initiatives

  • Public Safety & Justice
  • Transportation & Infrastructure
  • Economic Development, Future Growth & Job Creation
  • Improving the Quality of Life
  • Enhancing Entertainment, Tourism & The Arts
  • A Structurally Balance City Budget.