District G

Avalon Place Neighborhood Reconstruction Project (R-002011-0089-3)

Originally a sanitary sewer substitution project. In July, 2017, with City Council's adoption of the FY2018-2022 Capital Improvement Plan, this project was converted from a stand-alone sanitary sewer improvement project to a complete neighborhood reconstruction. Rebuild Houston funds (DDSRF) were added to reconstruct new storm drainage and streets and it is now a $24,874,000 project. In addition to sanitary sewer upgrades, significant street widening/narrowing and sidewalk reconfiguration is planned, along with new storm sewers. The community design input meeting was held January 25, 2018.


  • This project has been postponed until FY24.  This means that the construction award won’t be until Fall 2023 at the earliest.

Houston Public Works – Build Forward:
Additional Information Available here - https://houstonpublicworks.org/

Mohammad Haider, P.E, COH project manager, Mohammad.Haider@houstontx.gov