Municipal Courts

Services for Attorneys and Bondsmen

Delivery of Bonds and Resets:

Attorneys have the option to utilize this service. 

  • Once the bond(s) and or reset(s) are delivered to the Attorney/Bondsmen Window, the Public Service Division has 5 business days to process the submission(s).
  • Attorneys must complete a Bond Setting Request Form and list all defendants’ names, case numbers, and state what type of trial is being requested (Judge or Jury).
  • Attorneys must complete a cover sheet for each defendant that is being represented and list each case number, violation, and sign the cover sheet. (Attorneys are asked to provide their own cover sheets.)

Hours of Operation for Attorney/Bonding Window:

Attorney/Bonding Window
1400 Lubbock Street, 1st floor
Monday – Friday

*Attorney/Bondsmen windows are closed Saturdays and Sundays.  Bonds/ Resets will be accepted Saturdays at any of the general Public Service Counter windows.  Bonds/Resets are not accepted on Sundays.

Rules for Attorney Window:

  • Attorney must display a current bar card and drivers license.
  • Attorney must be active to post bonds/resets.

Rules for Bonding Window:

  • Bondsmen must display bonding license and have valid picture ID.