Economic Development

380 Agreements

  • Ordinance 1999-674, 380 Economic Development Program (.pdf)
  • Local Government Code; Chapter 380
  • The City of Houston's Chapter 380 Program of the Texas Local Government Code provides financial assistance in the form of loans and/or performance-based grants to qualified businesses for eligible projects located within the City of Houston limits. Eligible projects must demonstrably stimulate business and commercial activity in Houston. 

    Eligibility Review

    While all eligible applications will be considered, the City of Houston is especially interested in supporting projects that produce a meaningful impact on the City and its economy and result in one or more of the following:

    The growth of business activity, employment, or investment in industries like manufacturing, research, development, residential, commercial, industrial and regional service facilities. An eligible project must include: 

    • Construction of substantial new real property improvements of at least $2,500,000 in value, or extensive renovation of existing improvements, on land owned or to be aquired by the applicant; and
    • Documented equity investment of at least $500,000 (loans to the project and guarantees of third party financing do not qualify)
    • and either:
    • Documented creation of at least 25 new full time jobs (40-hours per week), and retention of such jobs for a period of no less than five years; or
    • Creation of affordable housing or transitional housing to be established by deed restrictions recorded in the Official Public Records of Real Property of the county in which the property is located.
    • Assistance packages shall have a maximum term of ten years. Chapter 380 Program loans shall be recourse lending secured by deed of trust or appropriate collateral or non-recourse lending secured by deed of trust or appropriate collateral. Chapter 380 Program grants shall be structured as performance-based grants which require repayment if required performance levels are not met.



      If you're interested in pursuing a Chapter 380 grant for your project.

        Applicants must complete an application, with the additional required attachments. These attachments should include:

      • Documentation that there are no delinquent property taxes due for the property where the development will occur
      • A detailed description and estimated cost of renovations, if the project includes the renovation of a building or other structure.
      • Applicants must pay the $500 application fee. (Due at time of appliction submission)
      • Letter from applicant describing the proposed project, its impact upon the community and its fiscal effect upon the City, and outlining requested financial assistance
      • Business Plan including, but not limited to, executive summary, company history, historical and proforma financial information and resumes of the company prinicipal(s).
      • Phase I Environmental Survey of the real property to be developed.
      • Survey of the real property to be developed.
      • Preliminary plans for the proposed real property improvements or renovations.
      • Two preceding years' Financial Statements for applicant entity.

        The Economic Development Department will review and evaluate the project, focusing on criteria such as the types and number of jobs created (includng salaries), the financial viability of the project, its reasonably-projected increase in the value of the tax base, its costs to the City, its environmental impact on the property, the type of industry ad activities associated at the project site, and more.

        Additionally, the Houston City Council retains sole authority to approve or deny any Economic Development Program Agreement, and is under no obligation to approve any application or agreement. Each program agreement will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, and the amount awarded may be less than the maximum available term specified.

      For more information please contact us.


      380 Agreements:


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