Economic Development

Align Targets - Develop a Community

Over the last several years individuals in numerous organizations created thoughtful plans across Houston communities. Houston values grassroots planning. With this in mind, we in the economic development division cherish these thoughtful plans, collaborative work completed by communities, consultants, management districts, TIRZs, The Houston Galveston Area Council, and the planning and development department. Above all, the division enthusiastically partners with developers that align with the following plans:

Livable Centers

Livable Center Studies

Subregional Planning

Mobility Planning

If you would like to explore the maps above visit Houston's Consolidated Transportation Planning map located within My City Maps and Apps. Next check the following boxes in the layer list: COH Planning, Planning Studies, Livable Centers, Subregional Planning.  Please find the picture below to guide you:

Layer List

If you would like to work on any of the above projects please contact us