Economic Development

Align Targets - Develop Retail & Mixed Use

We built our city with cars sitting at the top of our mind and rolling off the tip of our tongue. This car centric philosophy spawned concrete loops lassoing around our city: a marvel of past engineering.

This loop design was first suggested in the 1930s and it served us well. However, times change: Houstonians need flexibility in lifestyle and transport choices. The decisions of retail developers mold how flexible, sustainable, and desirable this world class city becomes.

This new mindset grew both within and outside our division. For instance, we recently aided a grassroots movement to peel open dormant bayous across Houston to commuters and residents through theĀ Bayou 2020 initiative, encouraging development, density, and connected living.

Given this shift, the division concentrates on thoughtful mixed developments, retail and commercial projects partnering with residential development. These areas create “livable centers”, areas of the city where individuals live, work, and play effortlessly.

Above all, the division pays special attention to developments that creates an urban center of sustainable life.

If you believe your development fits well within the above criteria pleaseĀ contact us.