Economic Development

Align Targets - Develop Targeted Areas

Areas of Strength         

The economic development division conducted analyses that revealed statistically significant clusters of industry, clusters defined by the United States Cluster Mapping Project.

Through this project’s research and our internal analysis, we prioritize clusters that give Houston a comparative advantage in the region. In particular, we focus on geographic areas that contain the largest concentration of these clusters, improving infrastructure and the efficiency of doing business in these places.

Some clusters are still blossoming; the development division understands the importance of entrepreneurship in Houston. With help from the City’s Office of Business Opportunity, we will work to ensure entrepreneurs are given tools and opportunities to build Houston’s future strengths.    

Areas of Opportunity

The economic development division targets the North East to South East of our city, a place where Houstonians  live in clusters of lower income and lower college attainment relative to the rest of Houston. The city and the economic development division continue to focus on these areas. Houston’s economic development division believes it benefits all Houstonians to work to grow these areas, and hurts the entire city by ignoring them. Our division helps support housing diversity, job growth, and workforce training in these areas through qualifying projects. Above all, through innovative partnerships and targeted industry growth the economic development division endeavors to make Houston a more equitable and sustainable city starting in these targeted zones.

Economic Targeted Areas

If you are interested in developing within these target areas please contact us.