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Citizens, nonprofits, and governments form partnerships across every green inch of Houston. These associations allow Houston to respond quickly to what citizens require and businesses need, needs revealed from sharing ideas and visions. This creating and sharing allows our internal development team to stretch disparate ideas into a larger rubber band ball of kinetic thought, a dynamic vision no single group could form on its own.

Above all, our division is a forum for ideas and policy; the development division not only connects future partners but also shines a light on the goals and dreams of interconnected parts of Houston.

Moreover, we continue to consider new ways to connect with external partners, searching for ways to make our development philosophy more robust, listening for both grassroots and fortune 500 development ideas.

For instance, to align regional policy vision with City development goals, the division relies on work done by the Houston Area Galveston Council (HGAC). Similarly, for in-depth knowledge of changing attitudes of Houstonians, we analyze the Rice Kinder Survey. Likewise, for external information on sustainability, we focus on the Shell Center for Sustainability. We also connect with developers and local businesses for on the ground insight, the division works with the Greater Houston Partnership (GHP)

Our division works with a number of internal city partners, thought partnering, creating an aligned vision for the city’s future. These internal partners include but are not limited to: Planning & Development, Parks & Recreation, Office of Business Opportunity, Public works and engineering, Neighborhoods, Finance, Housing and Community Development, Sustainability, and Legal. These city departments and divisions provide both technical assistance and guidance to the division within their respective area of expertise and focus. Without these divisions the division of economic development would work from an incomplete knowledge base, without these groups there is no canvas to paint the city’s hopes aspirations on.

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