Houston Fire Department

Office of the Chaplain

HFD Chaplain Richard Ponce

Mission Statement
To connect with, care for, and come alongside Active, Retired, Civilian members, and their families in support of their Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional health needs.

Vision Statement
The Houston Fire Department and its members would be recognized as having an Office of the Chaplain that serves their needs and surpasses their expectation. Our profession requires we give of ourselves in such a way that many will never know, however; it also demands we maintain a level of spiritual, physical, and emotional readiness to perform. Together we can accomplish this vision.

Key Goals

Three goals that have been identified as being integral to mission accomplishment are: Connecting with, Caring for, and Coming alongside the members and their families. As our team moves forward with establishing the specific task, these goals will be the compass that maintains our awareness and attention.

Goal Connect With
• Be present and create opportunities to engage HFD members
• Provide updated tools of communication
• Improve external department relationships

Goal Care For
• Evaluate and revise as needed all current Chaplain programs
• Designate time for Daily/ Weekly prayer needs of Active, Retired, Civilian Members and their families.
• Pray for and with all members across all commands

Goal Come Alongside
• Strengthen the Chaplain Team and FSN Team
• Evaluate and revise as needed the Chaplaincy Guidelines
• Implement the necessary research to effectively develop programs.


The HFD Chaplain exist to serve the Active, Retired, Civilian members, and their families to maintain and improve their spiritual, physical, and emotional health. This can be accomplished through connecting with, caring for, coming alongside them in their joyful occasions and most devastating experiences. We are equipped with the tools and resources within the Houston Fire Department and have been properly trained to maintain operational readiness in total support at a moment’s notice. For this reason, the Chaplain’s Office will remain focused, engaged, and determined on the mission of supporting the members and vision of, exceeding their expectations.

If you are in need of spiritual or emotional guidance you may contact our Chaplain Richard Ponce at (281) 386-5032 or Richard.ponce@houstontx.gov.