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Judge Thanks Firefighters for Helping Employee with Medical Emergency

"Good morning Chief. I just spent over an hour with the Firefighters from Truck #8, namely Firefighters Cole, Guerrero and Del Carmen. Chief I can’t express my gratitude and my staff’s gratitude for their assistance with a diabetic employee who had a serious issue. When they arrived .... they worked on her, and worked until her level was stable and she was fine. They took their time, answered questions, instructed us about future issues, and were simply fantastic. Please know that we thanked them but I wanted you to know what a wonderful group of men they are and they are such a great asset to your Department. I will rest easy knowing they are down the street and available to help. People freely write and complain, but hardly take the time to say THANK YOU for a job well done."

Judge Marshall

A Grateful Citizen Praises Houston Firefighters

A Houston resident walked into a COVID vaccination site like every other citizen, anxious but hopeful. As she sat down to receive her vaccination, she stated the kindness and professionalism exuded from the Houston Firefighters on-site, and she wanted to take a moment to thank them. As she transferred over to the observation area, she continued her conversation with the young firefighters and praised them for their kindness and stated they made the whole experience absolutely wonderful. Although, she does not remember their names, she wants these men to know they have forever made a lasting impression upon her.

The Houston Fire Department would like to thank her for taking the time to recognize these men. Ma’am, you are the driving force and the passion behind HFD careers, we do this for you!

Husband Grateful for Houston Firefighters Response to Wife's Medical Emergency

"My wife Patty was experiencing chest pains and shortness of breath at our house in the Heights. After checking her blood pressure..., she called our doctor and was told to call 911 ASAP. Within five minutes, the ambulance from station 5 arrived with Olsen Lancaster and Shamir Bailey aboard . They checked the vitals and immediately put her on a stretcher and wheeled her into the ambulance. They were met by two paramedics from station 43 (names not yet known) who climbed aboard ,stabilized her, and gave her oxygen while the ambulance raced to nearby...Hospital, just five minutes away. I followed and when I got to the emergency room she was conscious but suddenly lost her heartbeat and pulse...the men conducted CPR and helped shock her while the cardiologist worked to revive her. "

She is now home and recovering slowly. Thanks to the prompt response and quick action, she is expected to recover fully. We are blessed and very appreciative for the services of HFD's EMS and paramedics in saving her life!"

Sincerely, Bob


Dear Chief Pena,

I would like to commend the firefighters who responded to a medical call for an unresponsive middle school student on December 10th ...

Medic units from Station 8 and 16 responded, and they were staffed by firefighters originally assigned to those stations and Station 52. The crews were efficient, kind hearted, organized, and professional.

They quickly assessed our student, communicated with the school staff, initiated treatment, and made the rapid decision to transport the student to the appropriate medical facility. I rode with my student to the ER, and I was impressed with the care and dignity they used as they spoke to and treated her.

Upon arrival at the hospital, they stood by her side and waited patiently to be assigned to a room. They made sure that she and I were comfortable and answered all questions we had before they departed.

I know these are exhausting times for all fire departments across the nation, and that living in the 4th largest city in the nation presents an especially unique set of challenges. I don't know how many shifts the firefighters had worked in the past few weeks, but I imagine that each of those shifts is even more taxing with the additional stresses and PPE protocol they must be aware of during a pandemic. The firefighters seemed energized and displayed the utmost professionalism, and I was once again reminded of how it was the worst day for my student and her family, but they were at their very best when it was needed the most.

Please know that I am grateful for their efforts, attention to detail, and their consistent devotion to help each and every Houstonian with compassion as their guiding force.

With great gratitude,

Gordon ...

Seventh Grade History Teacher


"I’d like to thank the Captain and crew working at station #3 tonight (08/23/20) for assisting myself and 2 year old son. We are thankful for your assistance and greatly appreciate your public service to the city of Houston! Be safe and god bless your crew!"

Levon M.


"..."Thanks for putting out the fire at the Phoneix Bldg, at 11451 Katy Frwy! My district office is on the 2nd floor..."

Senator Paul Bettencourt


"... I can’t thank you enough for opening up your doors to us yet again. I had a great time visiting with your cadets and learning all things firefighting. I wanted to let you know how successful we were so that you could pass along the information. Everyone involved should know what difference they all made yesterday! In total, we saw 27 successful donors and collected 35 total blood products. This means we will be able help provide transfusions to 105 patients in need. With as difficult as it’s been in blood collection, I can honestly say that couldn’t have been done without your support..."

Thanks again for everything!

Stefanie V. - Gulf Coast Regional Blood

Words cannot express our thanks to the EMS team who responded to a call an office building where it appeared a young woman was having a stroke. That would be me. They arrived so quickly after the call and took me to the hospital where I received incredible care.... Your team was the first step in the top-notch care on my journey. Thank you for all your EMS crew do for our amazing city. We are truly blessed.

In deepest gratitude- Kimberly