Historic Preservation

Loop 610 includes some of Houston’s most historically significant areas. Allen’s Landing, the site of the founding of Houston and the first permanent capital of the Republic of Texas (at the corner of Texas and Main Streets) are located at the center of Loop 610. Freedman’s Town, the location of the first community of freed slaves in Texas, is located in Loop 610 as well. The historic towns of Magnolia, Harrisburg and Houston Heights (The Heights) were all annexed into Houston in the early 20th Century.

Loop 610 contains eighteen of Houston’s nineteen Historic Districts – only Glenbrook Valley is located outside Loop 610. The majority of the existing registered Landmarks and Protected Landmarks in the City are located within Loop 610. City Council adopted Houston’s Historic Preservation Ordinance in 1995 to help preserve the distinctive character of many of Houston’s historic neighborhoods. In June, 1996, City Council approved Courtlandt Place as the first historic district in the City.

Loop 610's Historic Districts

  1. Houston Heights East
  2. Houston Heights West
  3. Houston Heights South
  4. Freeland
  5. Old Sixth Ward
  6. Avondale West
  7. Audubon Place
  8. First Montrose Commons
  9. Boulevard Oaks
  10. Broadacres
  11. Norhill
  12. Woodland Heights
  13. Germantown
  14. Main Street Market Square
  15. Avondale East
  16. Courtlandt Place
  17. Westmoreland
  18. West Eleventh Place
  19. Shadowlawn