Heights-Northside Sub-regional Study

The area defined as the Heights-Northside Sub-regional Mobility Study area is bounded on the east by US 59, on the south by IH 10, and on the north and west by IH 610. The purpose of this study is to identify near and long range projects which promote better mobility by considering a multi-modal classification for streets within the study area which are inclusive of pedestrian, bicycle, transit, vehicular and other modes of transportation.

During the course of this task, the project team worked with City staff to integrate the new planning process and the mobility toolbox, developed as a result of CMP Phase I, into the City’s transportation planning process. Other coordinating agencies include the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) and Metropolitan Transportation Authority of Harris County (METRO).

Study Area Map

Final Report: Heights-Northside Sub-regional Mobility Study

The Planning and Development Department, in partnership with the Department of Public Works and Engineering and Houston-Galveston Area Council, is pleased to announce that the Heights-Northside Sub-regional Mobility study has been finalized and can be downloaded (see links below).

After an extensive public comment period, the City received 125 comments regarding study recommendations, and letters from area organizations. Over the last several months, the project team has worked with City staff to evaluate all comments and provide responses to questions that were raised. Where appropriate, recommendations were modified to ensure that all final recommendations resulting from this study best serve the needs of the City and community, alike.

Final Report: Heights-Northside Sub-regional Mobility Study
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Download by Chapter:
I. Introduction
II. Existing Conditions
III. Community Involvement
IV. Defining Future Mobility Conditions
V. Changing Mobility Considerations
VI. A Balanced Approach: Corridor Sheets
VII. Outcomes
VIII. Next Steps

Appendix A: Data Collection
Appendix B: Thoroughfare Types
Appendix C: Transit Analysis
Appendix D: Hardy-Elysian Option Considerations
Appendix E:
Travel Demand Results

Final Public Comments:

All comments received during the 30-day final public comment period have been cataloged and reviewed by the project team. Recommendations were further evaluated and updated where appropriate. Project Team responses are available for review at:

Cataloged Final Public Comments
Cataloged Letter Responses

Project Website (Expires February 20th):
You are our experts, and we are continuously improving how we gather your input. To help with such efforts, a project website was developed provide an platform for public feedback to be used during the course of the study. The site housed an interactive blog, information regarding meeting dates, project materials and draft versions of the study recommendations. Although the provide website has expired, archived meeting materials may be downloaded below.

Project Team:

Coordinating Agencies:
City of Houston Planning and Development Department
City of Houston Public Works and Engineering Department
Houston-Galveston Area Council

Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
GUNDA Corporation, Inc.

For more information about City Mobility Planning, please email: Mobility.Planning@houstontx.gov