Historic Preservation

The Department of Planning and Development administers the Historic Preservation Ordinance through which we strive to preserve our historic structures, neighborhoods and archaeological sites.

New initiatives & announcements

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Houston Archaeological and Historical Commission (HAHC)

Back row (left to right): Sue Lovell, John Cosgrove, Ben Koush and Charles Stava. Front row (left to right): P&D Interim Director Margaret Wallace Brown, Emily Ardoin-Vice Chair, Minnette Boesel-Chair, Ann Collum, and Jorge Garcia-Herreros.
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Historic Preservation Tracker
Historic Preservation Tracker

All Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) applications will be accepted electronically through Preservation Tracker. Preservation Tracker allows historic property owners and their agents to submit Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) applications. Applicants and the public will be able to track the progress of COA applications, and view and download HAHC agendas and meeting minutes.

Historic Preservation Manual
Historic Preservation Manual

The Historic Preservation Web Manual provides a road map for obtaining the approvals necessary to undertake such changes. They are intended to provide clear direction to property owners and professionals with regard to modifying, maintaining and protecting the historic resources in our communities.

Economic Incentives
Historic Site Tax Exemptions

City Council recently adopted tax exemptions for the restoration and renovation of historic sites. The historic site tax exemptions benefit all sizes and values of properties, in all types of neighborhoods. ... The exemptions apply to historic structures that have been designated as a landmark, a protected landmark, or as a contributing structure, pursuant to Article VII of the Chapter 33 Historic Preservation Ordinance. The Historic Site Tax Exemption Program is administered by the Mayor's Economic Development Office. Visit the program page for more information. Click the View More button to view the two tiers of tax exemptions and descriptions.

Plaque Order
Plaque Order Form

Historic Landmark and Protected Landmark Plaque Order Form