Houston Archaeological and Historical Commission (HAHC)

Commission Meetings

After September 1, 2021, the Houston Archeological and Historical Commission (HAHC) will conduct meetings at the City Hall Annex in accordance with the provisions of Section 551.127 of the Texas Government Code. The Chair will be present in the room, though staff, board members, and the public may attend in person, or through a video conference link using Microsoft Teams. To join the meetings please see the following options:

  • In-person meeting at: 900 Bagby Street, City Council Chamber, Public Level, Houston, Texas
  • Join Microsoft Teams Meeting via the web

November 17, 2021 Agenda

  • Public Hearing and Consideration of and Possible Action on a Protected Landmark Designation Application for the Carson-Lucia House at 3904 Brandt St, Houston, TX, 77006
  • Public Hearing and Consideration of and Possible Action on a Landmark Designation Application for the Campbell-Moreno House at 1914 Gano Street, TX 77009
  • Public Hearing and Consideration of and Possible Action on a Landmark Designation Application for the Mr. & Mrs. Ralph M. Henderson House at 1419 Kirby Blvd, Houston, TX 77019
  • Consideration of and Possible Action on Certificate of Appropriateness Applications for Consent Agenda:

Type something in the input field to search the table for address, application type and historic district. Click the Address to view the staff report drafts for that location.

Address Application Type Historic District
1233 Rutland St. Addition Houston Heights West
803 W. Melwood Addition Norhill
611 Euclid St. Addition Woodland Heights
3031 Beauchamp St. Addition Woodland Heights
1108 E. 16th St. Addition Norhill
7610 Wilmerdean St. Alteration - Windows Glenbrook Valley
1116 E. 14th St. Addition Norhill
1108 Cottage St. Addition Norhill
535 Columbia St. Addition Norhill
535 Columbia St. Addition Norhill
2111 Kane St. Solar Old Sixth Ward
2101 Lubbock St. Solar Old Sixth Ward
405 Main St. Alteration - Remove Fire Escape Main Street
820 Fugate St. Addition Norhill
602 Highland St. Addition Woodland Heights
3215 White Oak St. New Construction Heights South

E. Comments from the public
F. Comments from the HAHC
G. Historic Preservation Officer's Report
H. Adjournment

About the Commission

The HAHC is a 13-member appointed Commission that issues Certificates of Appropriateness and reviews Historic District, Landmark, Protected Landmark, and Archaeological Site designation applications.

2019 Back row (left to right): Sue Lovell, John Cosgrove, Ben Koush and Charles Stava.
Front row (left to right): P&D Interim Director Margaret Wallace Brown,
Emily Ardoin-Vice Chair, Minnette Boesel-Chair, Ann Collum, and Jorge Garcia-Herreros.

Commission Members

  • Ashley Elizabeth Jones – Archaeologist (Position 1)
  • Minnette Boesel – Chair, Historian (Position 2)
  • Urmila Srinivasan – Architectural Historian (Position 3)
  • Rhonda Sepulveda – Cultural History Organization Representative (Position 4)
  • David Bucek – Registered Architect (Position 5)
  • Elizabeth Wiedower Jackson – Commercial Business Representative (Position 6)
  • John Cosgrove – Real Estate Appraiser (Position 7)
  • Stephen McNiel – Remodeler/Builder (Position 8)
  • Steven F. Curry – Preservation Specialist (Position 9)
  • Ann Collum – Citizen Representative (Position 10)
  • Dominic Yap – Citizen Representative (Position 11)
  • Charles Stava – Citizen Representative (Position 12)
  • Ben Koush – Citizen Representative (Position 13)

Ex-Officio Members

  • Samantha Bruer – Architectural Archivist, Houston Metropolitan Research Center
  • Marta Crinejo – Mayor's Liaison

Executive Secretary

  • Margaret Wallace Brown Director, Planning and Development

HAHC Deadline and Meeting Location

Certificate of Appropriateness applications are due 22 calendar days in advance of the meeting by 12 PM (noon) on the deadline date.

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