UPDATE: This study has advanced to the detailed design phase. Learn more here: Westheimer/Elgin: Montrose to Main Paving and Drainage | Houston Public Works (engagehouston.org)

Lower Westheimer Corridor Study

Past Public Meeting
Date: Thursday April 20, 2017, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location: Metropolitan Multi-Services Center, 1475 W Gray Street
Format: Open House 6:00 PM / Presentations 6:30 PM

Exhibits from the public meeting are published below.

Westheimer Road - Shepherd Drive to Bagby Street
Elgin Street - Bagby Street to Main Street

Study Area
Lower Westheimer: A Unique Roadway
Lower Westheimer is a well-known, distinctive street surrounded by an eclectic community, diverse businesses, important architectural buildings, steeped in rich history, and tied to the foundation of our city. It is an important street for vehicular traffic, public transportation, pedestrians, business owners and employees, residents, tourists, as well as the City of Houston.

As part of ReBuild Houston, a portion of the Lower Westheimer Corridor is slated for improvements. The Capital Improvement Plan project includes Elgin Street from Main Street to Bagby Street, and Westheimer Road between Bagby Street and Montrose Boulevard. An enhanced pre-engineering study will result in specific recommendations for these roadways.

With your help, after the nine-month study, we will deliver a preferred roadway design that considers the needs of all of the stakeholders while meeting the goals of ReBuild Houston to preserve and enhance the overall character of the roadway and improve mobility and safety.

What is an enhanced pre-engineering corridor study?

The City uses an enhanced pre-engineering process for unique streets that merit an advanced level of design sensitivity due to their historic, cultural, or community significance. During this period, the City leverages collaboration between city departments, elected officials, community stakeholders, property owners, residents, business owners and related interest groups to develop a preferred design that enhances the character of the corridor, while improving mobility and safety.

Development team:

The Lower Westheimer Corridor Study is co-led by the City’s Public Works and Engineering (PWE) and Planning and Development (P&D) Departments, and advised by a Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC). The SAC committee includes a diverse range of community representatives from the local neighborhoods, local businesses, various government entities, non-profits, and other representatives.

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