Walkable Places Program

About the Program

  • Walkable Places are created with support from property owners.
  • Main objective is to create customizable pedestrian-friendly rules to guide new development and redevelopment on private properties.
  • Focus on commercial/mixed-use streets
  • Creating destinations

Walkable Places Pilot Areas

To encourage walkable development effectively, it’s important to create rules appropriate for the local context of an area. Therefore, the committee proposes to create an application process to allow for the creation of Walkable Place Districts with a unique set of rules.

The committee has selected three pilot areas to test and prove the concept of the proposed Walkable Place District application process. The three pilot areas are Emancipation Avenue in Third Ward, Midtown, and Hogan Street in Near Northside. To ensure we identify appropriate rules for each pilot area that are effective and promote walkability, the Planning and Development Department has initiated a series of community engagement meetings in each pilot area. Please click on the pilot areas below to view their respective plans.