Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an office within the Houston Police Department that is designed to address and resolve various types of workplace related issues involving department employees. The ADR office is comprised of four different sections: Employee Relations (ERS); Employee Representative Council (ERC); Grievance; and Mediation. Depending on the nature of the issue an employee may be referred to one of these four structured processes for issue resolution.

  • Employee Relations Section: This section is responsible for providing a timely and appropriate response to an employee who reports suspected acts of sex discrimination, including sexual harassment and gender bias.

  • Employee Representative Council Section: The ERC procedure is designed to give employees an opportunity to bring to the attention of department managers issues that affect their work environment. Issues may include such things as workplace safety, questions regarding clarification of department policy or procedure, and other "quality of the workplace" types of issues.

  • Grievance Section: The grievance process can be used by any civil service protected department employee to address various issues as specifically mandated by state statute (classified employees) or city ordinance (civilian employees).

  • Mediation Section: Mediation is a dispute resolution process that attempts to resolve interpersonal conflict between two individuals by utilizing a third party neutral who serves to clarify issues and maintain order as the disputing parties work through their issues. The mediation section is responsible for identifying issues that can be addressed via the mediation process and for facilitating the mediation.

A department employee wishing to utilize any of the resources offered by ADR may contact the ADR office by calling 713-308-3400, or by visiting ADR at 1200 Travis St., Suite 2423. Office hours are M-F from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Additional References:
General Order 300-11  Discrimination and Harassment
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