Curbside Recycling FAQ's


Q. What items are accepted in the Curbside Recycling Program?
The Curbside Recycling Program accepts newspaper, magazines, color ad inserts, office paper, mail, telephone books, tin, aluminum, empty aerosol cans, plastic bottles and jugs (marked with a #1 - #5, and #7, recycling symbol). 


You may place recyclable materials together in the same bin/cart. 

Overflow materials can be put in a separate paper grocery bag and placed on top or on the side of your green bin (18-gallon bin only).

Corrugated cardboard must be broken down into 3 x 3 foot squares. 

Used motor oil is also accepted when placed in it's original container or an empty plastic 1-gallon milk or water bottle. Oil must be placed to the side of the cart/bin for collection.

Q. My neighborhood does not have curbside recycling, where can I take my recyclables?
. Neighborhood Depositories/Recycling Centers will accept the same recyclables accepted in the curbside recycling program, including glass. 

The Westpark Consumer Recycling Center will accept the same items as the Curbside Recycling Program with the addition of glass bottles and jars, anti-freeze, latex paint, and car batteries.

You may also take your recyclables to the Clear Lake/Ellington Airport and Kingwood Park & Ride recycling drop-off locations.

Q. Are there any SWMD recycling locations that accept styrofoam?
We DO NOT accept packing peanuts, styrofoam blocks or styrofoam cups at the Neighborhood Depository & Recycle Centers. Please put this item in your black trash cart.

Q. I have lots of plastic bags, how can I recycle them?
You may recycle your plastic grocery bags at the Westpark Recycling Center, Environmental Service Centers or a local grocery store where plastic bags are accepted.