Additional Services

Add a Can

Add-A-Can Program

To request an additional garbage container, please call 3-1-1, the City’s Helpline. Please note, there is a monthly charge for each additional can, billed through your City water bill. Read More >>

E-waste Collection

Tags For Bags Program
Our program, 'Tags for Bags,' provides stickers for when you have extra bags. Tags can be purchased at HEB and participating Kroger stores as needed.

Tags for Bags are available by calling 3-1-1, the City Helpline. Please note, there is a minimum purchase requirement of 5 tags. You may download the form and send payment directly. Read More >>


Sponsorship Programs

Sponsorship programs are set up by the City to allow homeowner associations the opportunity to obtain collection services beyond those provided by the City through a contractor of their choice.  Homeowners’ associations are incorporated entities that have membership that consists of the owners of single-family residences in a defined geographic community. Read More >>

   Application (.pdf)

Homeless Encampment

Commercial Dumpster Permits

All businesses, apartment complexes, strip centers, and other commercial properties with dumpsters or roll-off containers exceeding 50 cubic feet must have a Combustible Waste Storage (Dumpster) permit. Read More >>

Dead Animal Collection

Dead Animal Collection

To request a dead animal collection to be serviced by the City of Houston SWMD, please call 3-1-1 or submit an online service request here.

Report a Dead Animal >>

Business Recycling

Business Recycling Program

Join other businesses that are already recycling. For a nominal fee per cart, businesses are eligible to receive a maximum of four 96-gallon green carts to store their recyclables. Included with the cart is information explaining the materials acceptable for collection. The program offers convenient bi-weekly collection with no sorting required. Read More >>

E-waste Collection

Used & Scrap Tire Generator/Transporter Program

The Scrap Tire Management program is for businesses of tire storage, transportation and disposal of tires. Businesses that are involved in the used/scrap tire business will be required to register and/or obtain a permit annually with the City of Houston. Read More >>

Citizens with Disabilities Services

Citizens with Disabilities Services

Special collection assistance for physically challenged residents at no extra cost. This service is offered to qualifying residents to ensure their waste management needs are met with utmost consideration and support. Read More >>
  > Application (.pdf)

Homeless Encampment

Homeless Encampment Cleanup

The Solid Waste Management Department has a Homeless Encampment Team that provides weekly and bi-weekly cleanups throughout the City of Houston. The team, most commonly, collects debris from homeless encampments which are prevalent beneath freeway underpasses or other public property managed by the City of Houston or TXDot. Although, major remediation activities will be directed by the city Public Health Authority and Health Department and will include HPD for assistance. Please contact 3-1-1 to inquire about areas that need to be cleaned.