Super Neighborhoods

Super Neighborhood 39 - Fondren Gardens

Recognized 10.15.2001

2nd Tuesday, 6:45 pm, Quarterly
Hiram Clark Multi-Service Center
3810 W. Fuqua, 77045
Meets with SN 40


Fondren Gardens is a corner of southwest Houston initially developed as an opportunity for Houstonians to work in the city and live in the country. Its large lots were sold to individuals who built modest homes at various times over the decades. Once isolated on the edge of Harris County, accessible only by South Main and what was a narrow Fondren Road, it is now bordered by the South Belt and accessible by West Orem Boulevard as well. Further development and redevelopment of this community is a likely outcome of this improved accessibility.

Community Venues

The Super Neighborhood shares its community venues with Central Southwest SN which include

  • Multi-Service Center (Under construction)
  • Power Center
  • Vinson Library
  • Police Store Front
  • South Main Estate Park

Civic Association

  • Fondren Civic Club

Contact Info

  • Fondren Gardens shares a joint council with Central Southwest SN; meetings are held 6:00 pm, on a quarterly-basis at various locations.
  • Rita Foretich (SN President)
    12751 Zavalla Street
    Houston, TX. 77085
    (713) 729-9826

Super Neighborhood Statistical Info