Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)


ADA Coordinator


The ADA Coordinator:


  • Coordinates the City of Houston's efforts to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Coordinates the resolution and response to accessibility and effective communication complaints regarding City of Houston facilities, services, and programs.
  • Informs the City of Houston's workforce regarding ADA compliance issues through training and brochures.
  • Maintains current list of City-wide TTY numbers and department compliance contacts.
  • Disseminates information to department compliance contracts regarding ADA issues.
  • Serves as an ex-officio member to the Commission on Disabilities and acts as a liaison between the Commission and the department compliance contacts.
  • Located in the Employee Relations Division of Human Resources



Web Accessibility Statement


Our vision for eGovernment includes web access to our services and information for all citizens, employees and customers, including those with disabilities.


Our goal is to achieve maximum accessibility by complying with the World Wide Web Consortium* accessibility standards. Each City of Houston department is in the process of updating its website. As a result, we are in varying stages of progress toward our accessibility goal, including a future stylesheet which automatically denotes user browser information and a quick link to a text-only and other accessible versions of each individual page.




Contact Us


Matt Russell

City of Houston ADA Coordinator

P.O. Box 1562

Houston, TX 77251

Phone Number 713.837.9046




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