City Council District A

About Council Member Brenda Stardig


Council Member Brenda Stardig



Brenda Stardig is an influential leader who has lived in District A of the City of Houston for more than forty years alongside old friends and new neighbors.


She has helped people in the community, devoting time and resources to improving west Houston. Her compassion is shown through her actions.


Brenda is a past president of one of the City of Houston's Super Neighborhoods, she has organized numerous crime fighting initiatives, and as a Spring Branch Education Foundation member, she has strived to enhance public education. Brenda doesn't rest. She has served as a director on the boards for government, financial and medical corporations. Brenda has received praise for her tireless efforts, including the Keep Houston Beautiful Mayor's Award Certificate of Recognition Winner and the award for Leadership in Excellence in Neighborhood Development from Bank of America.


In addition to being a community leader, Brenda is an accomplished businesswoman. She excelled in the financial industry for 20 years prior to her successful transition to real estate. Brenda is a multi-million dollar producer who is trusted throughout the industry and is known for doing the right thing for her clients. She also offers her expertise as a member of three different real estate associations.


Brenda has dedicated her life to expanding opportunities for others and preserving a quality of life for the people of Spring Branch. She has never forgotten where she came from - or the faith and dedication that drives her.