North Houston Highway Improvement Project (NHHIP)

Vision & Opportunities

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About the Project
The Texas Department of Transportation’s North Houston Highway Improvement Project (NHHIP) will create exciting opportunities not only to address the highway infrastructure surrounding downtown, but to also reconnect neighborhoods, create memorable public spaces, and catalyze new development. The vision is to create a central city that embraces its natural resources, provides pedestrian and bicycle access to surrounding neighborhoods, and reimagines how Downtown Houston is approached by automobiles at both highway and neighborhood levels.

Ideas from this project will be submitted to TxDOT by Summer 2019. Project funding will be pursued once public engagement is completed.

This visioning effort doesn’t seek to ignore the visual and environmental impacts and displacement that will result from reconstructing a major freeway system. TxDOT has a process for working through these concerns using an Environmental Impact Analysis. This process is underway and TxDOT and stakeholders are looking at these impacts to see what is feasible.

How to Get Involved
City of Houston’s Planning & Development Department and Central Houston, Inc. have been working closely with neighborhoods and TxDOT to identify opportunities. To date, more than 50 meetings have been held with neighborhoods and agency partners throughout the areas adjacent to future highway alignments, including three Public Open Houses. For more information on those meetings, see Project Documents. To submit a comment of your own, please email

Project Documents

East: Third Ward, Midtown, EaDo, East End & Downtown

North: Fifth Ward, Near Northside, First Ward, Sixth Ward & Downtown

West: Sixth Ward, Fourth Ward, Midtown & Downtown

Midtown: Midtown, Museum Park, & Third Ward

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