North Houston Highway Improvement Project (NHHIP)

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The North Houston Highway Improvement Project (NHHIP) is a planned reconstruction of I-45 from Beltway 8 to Downtown. Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) proposes improvements to the facility to manage congestion, enhance safety, expand multi-modal opportunities, accommodate future demand and improve operational efficiency. TxDOT conducted a public hearing in May 2017 to solicit comments on the Federally-required Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

Alongside TxDOT’s work, Mayor Turner has initiated a public process to engage stakeholders to address prominent concerns and identify new opportunities. Consensus on changes and mitigation measures must be complete prior to the Record of Decision, when final design can begin on the project.

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Mayor’s Steering Committee & Public Process

To oversee this process, Mayor Turner established a Steering Committee comprised of civic leaders in 2017. This group is convening meetings with agency partners and neighborhood groups throughout the areas adjacent to future freeway alignments. This process began with Segment 3, which is funded for construction. In April 2019, the Steering Committee initiated a similar process for Segments 1 and 2.

Segments 1 & 2

Segments 1 and 2 extend from Beltway 8 to IH-610, and from IH-610 to IH-10 respectively.

The Mayor’s public process for Segments 1 and 2 is being led by the Planning & Development Department with help from a Facilitation Group composed of community leaders and subject matter experts. This group is guiding the City in reviewing comments, identifying impacts, and working towards opportunities for incorporation into the project. To support this, the following public and stakeholder meetings are scheduled:

Public Meetings

The City and TxDOT will co-host two public meetings to provide an overview and status update of NHHIP, and to inform people about the City-led engagement process. The meetings will include brief presentations from City and TxDOT, followed by discussion groups focusing on various segments of the corridor. The agenda for each meeting will cover all three segments of the project.

  • Thursday, June 20, 2019, 6:00-8:00 PM, Presentation at 6:30 PM
    Harris County Department of Education Conference Center 6300 Irvington Boulevard, Houston, TX 77022

  • Wednesday, June 26, 2019, 6:00-8:00 PM, Presentation at 6:30 PM
    Acres Homes Multi-Service Center
    6719 W. Montgomery Road, Houston, TX 77091

    • Stakeholder Meetings

      To dive deeper into specific location and issue-based topics, the City and TxDOT will host a series of ongoing stakeholder meetings. More information on these meetings will be forthcoming.


      Through the Summer and early Fall, the Facilitation and Stakeholder groups will meet regularly to work through community impacts and opportunities. In late Fall, the City will present these findings at a series of Public Meetings. This work supports a final delivery of recommendations to Mayor Turner in December 2019.

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Segments 3

Segment 3 includes portions of IH-10, IH-45, US-59/IH-69 and SH-288 that compose the loop of freeways encircling Downtown. The public process for Segment 3 was launched in early 2018 by Central Houston, Inc. and three public open houses were hosted by the City of Houston in the Summer of 2018. To date, more than 50 stakeholder meetings have been held with neighborhoods and agency partners throughout the areas adjacent to future highway alignments.

Project Documents

East: Third Ward, Midtown, EaDo, East End & Downtown

Open House Flyer & Agenda

North: Fifth Ward, Near Northside, First Ward, Sixth Ward & Downtown

Open House Flyer & Agenda

West: Sixth Ward, Fourth Ward, Midtown & Downtown

Open House Flyer & Agenda

Midtown: Midtown, Museum Park, & Third Ward

Open House Flyer & Agenda
Open House Presentation

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