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Mounted Patrol - Visitors

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Mounted Patrol

Please Read and Use Caution while in Barn Area

(Do not go outside)

Please Limit Treats (Carrots, Apples) to Two (2) Per Horse

  1.   Please pay attention to and heed all warnings, and listen to HPD Personnel.
  2.  Remember all Horses may Bite or Kick.
  3.   Horses are unable to differentiate between Carrots and Fingers, please do not feed Fingers.
  4.   Large Carrots are the best treats for small children to handle and keep from getting bitten.
  5.   Do not allow children to wander away from you.
  6.   No running in Barn Area.
  7.   Please let Mounted Personnel know if there are any problems with a particular horse.
  8.   Please do not feed horses treats while Mounted Personnel are working with a horse.
  9.   You may leave any extra treats with Mounted Personnel, and they will ensure the Horses get them.
  10.  Do not open stall doors or gates.


Please Use Caution at All Times
All Visitors must read and sign Liability Waiver
(waivers will be kept on file and must be renewed yearly)

Visitation Hours

Monday – Friday

Unscheduled visitors are welcome from 12pm-2pm

Saturday and Sunday

Visits must be scheduled ahead of time by calling 832-394-0394

Guided Tours for large groups can be scheduled on
Tuesdays and Thursdays
By calling 832-394-0372

Houston Police Department Mounted Patrol Facility
5005 Little York Rd. Houston,Tx. 77016-2547
Main Telephone Number: 832-394-0399
Primary Fax Number: 832-394-0398